fish finders for kayaks

i am looking to do some fishing off my kayak this season and looking for recommendations on fish finders and where to buy them

thanks for any help given

Eagle Cuda 168, basic unit that works
well. If you live someplace with an Academy Sporting Goods, they usually run less than $70, often around $60 on sale. Bass Pro sells them for about $80. If you want to spend more money, get the next step or two up. 168 refers to the number of pixels. The more pixels, the better the image. If a bit more flush, get color. Its better in bright sunlight. Eagle and Lowrance make good units, share many of the same electronics, especially in lower priced units.

my location
thanks for that help

i gues i should have put where i live : vancouver bc

so any local stores in the lower mailnad and washington state or some places to buy via the net

Bass Pro has them on sale

If you are looking for a cheap unit walmart has the best prices. I rig at least one kayak a week with a fishfinder and have a quik foolproof method that we have evolved into using. I will post pics when I have time but basicaly we use a 8aa battery pack for a power source. We drop the battery pack into a waterproof cellphone box along with the fuse. We drill the lid to run the wire through and then pour epoxy into the inside of the lid to permantly seal it aging.

Always think lond and hard about the mounting location so that it doeas not interefere with paddling or fishing.

The ram ball mounts are worth the $25 cost as they allow some position adjustments and instant removal.

Keep all wiring as short as possible by storing the battery and finder as close to each other as possible. The trasducer can be mounted in a lot of different ways but placing it into a bed of goop is the easiest method and it is still removable.

Do not cut the transducer wires
With most finders, it will affect readings. Better to roll the transducer wires up and tape or otherwise secure the wire.

Eagle Cuda 168
I got the portable version of the Cuda 168 fishfinder a couple of years ago and it’s worked well so far. I was a little worried when I realized it was only using AA batteries, but a single set of batteries has held up for a full season each year. In addition to interior canoe trips, I also use it at the cottage, so it puts in a fair number of hours.

I’ve powered my Eagle Cuda, not
a portable, with 8 AA’s for 4 years. Don’t get that kind of battery life, though. Usually, they last about 72 hours. Most any grey scale unit can be powered that way. Not sure about the color units. I’ve also used rechargeable cordless drill batteries. They worked, but were a bit cumbersome.