Fish finders/transducer selectioj

I have an eagle fish finder with the transducer mounted in a scupper. I'm not completely happy with the installation, but am uncertain about performance of a shoot through the hull. There are plenty of references to aluminum and fiberglass installs but nothing about resin and composites of yak hulls. Anyone have any experience with anything like this?

Yes. It Works
I have installed two, using lexel to fill within a minicell foam perimeter glued to the hull bottoms and then slowly squeezing the transducers in.

There other methods including a more permanent glassing and/or glueing in of a pvc pipe box to the hull bottom with a cover to contain the transducer in water.

Go find a good dedicated yakfishing board and ask. You’ll get some good suggestions with more details. Key trick is always to avoid air bubbles in the medium that the transducer is implanted or immersed in. The bubbles distort the feedback.


Go Humminbird
As far as I’m concerned, the Humminbird thru-hull is THE way to go. They’ll exchange the transducer that comes with a new unit for one of these, no charge. The unit protrudes from the hull bottom less than a quarter-inch and is smooth and flat, so there’s no extra drag or snag worries. The only drawback is that there’s no temp sensor in this xducer.

Here’s the unit from the outside:

And here’s the inside: