Fish Having a Good Old Time!


I had a very cool thing happen last night while I was kayaking in the chesapeake bay.

I was coming back to shore around the bay bridge and some fish (big fish) started swiming/jumping behind me, having a good old time.

I wasn’t able to stop and check them out do to bay conditions…I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen and what kind of fish typically do this.


I’ve had fish
jumping around me quite a few times. One time I even had one jump across my bow, but didn’t quite make it It slammed into the side of my boat. I paddle a S&G, and the sound of that big fish hitting my hull was enough to make me soil my wetsuit!


Skeered Me Good
Had a little fish jump in my lap once.

Many years ago we were in a bright …
yellow canoe and a large bass struck at it at least a half dozen times.

I guess it wanted us out of it’s territory.



That was me
I saw this guy (that was you) kayaking up by the bridge, so I started to paddle over to him and flipped right before I got to him. I was flailing and missing my roll and making a lot of noise and commotion. That’s probably what you heard.

But it’s best to stay away from them, they’re nothing but trouble.

Whores of the sea; that’s what my uncle used to tell me they were. He dated one back in ’42. He said she sang a song… a sweet song, about how she wanted no one else to fertilize all over her eggs but him. But she lied.

He fertilized all over them once, and before he knew it, she went down to Miami and released a few thousand more. That clutch of eggs led to the birth of all the ’72 Dolphins.

My uncle hates Don Shula too.

Last weekend
My son and my brother were making a water landing near Orlando and when they began to power up for take off a fish jumped and flopped around on the deck of the plane before falling back in. Thek think the fish was a shad.