fish odors

found a product that removes fish and bait odors from hands as well as boat worked great . is where i ordered it from …

something smells fishy about this …

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...... I've never given much thought about fish smell unless it's a rotten fish laying out and decaying somewhere .

Usually a little water to rinse hands off (dip hands in lake , river , bay , etc.) is all that's needed when handling fish or baiting .

A little soap and water later as usual when done has always seemed OK for me .

What kinda of fish smells on your hands or boat are you talking about , something out of the ordinary ??

I do know that when you cut up whole fish like bunker all day long using them for bait , the rags you wipe your hands with gets extra strong odor (even if you keep rinsing it off in the bay) ... but that's pretty constant and concentrated fish fluids getting on that rag .

Nothing beats toothpaste for your hands.

Me too.
It’s lemon juice. The grocery store is where I get mine. I’m with Pilotwingz on this one. The OP sounds like a spam. First time for the guy posting, and it’s a product recommendation with a link to a site where you can buy the stuff. Let’s see if s/he comes back and checks on the post. If so, then I’m probably wrong. If we don’t see any more comments, then…

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