Fisherman Pro 14 vs SeaDart 14

I am looking for a good fast sit-on kayak. I heard about the SeaDart but they are hard to find. A dealer told me today that the Fisherman Pro 14 is the same hull but in the pictures it does not appear to be the same. I like the sit-on with the speed. Are they the same hull?

The pro is great fishing kayak except the one downside which is the lack of on deck storage.

But if your willing to sacrafice that for speed this kayak is very fast! I just caught my first fish with the kayak a few days ago. Get The Pro You won’t be disappointed.

be careful
I think the old stlye, sea dart body fisherman pro 14 is still being sold some places, but I did not see it on the Heritage web site.

check Academy sports if there is one in your area.

I was told by a local Heritage dealer
That some of the Heritage yaks on the website are not yet available. For example, I was trying to look at the Stingray, and he said they haven’t even begun production. That’s hearsay, but it’s a possibility that the only ones available are the old ones, if that’s what is desired.

Thanks for all the replies
I will check with Heritage to make sure the SeaDart is not available for 2008. I was told it is not but I will check myself.

The “new” Heritage Stingray is actually the “old” Liquid Logic Stingray. They are available but only under the old label.

I know, but they aren’t available for
purchase yet, even by the dealers, at least according to the Heritage dealer I talked to.

another thing
I go mine from Academy for only $400, so deffinantly check out Academy.

Does not look the same to me .
I have a Seadart, ca 2000 vintage, the hull does not look the same shape.

$349 today.

“Orginal” SeaDart
If you happen to find an “orginal” Seadart, AKA HopOnTop15, in Kevlar, let me know.

I need one to finsih my HopOnTop collection. I have the HopOnTop 18, AKA Hertitage Shearwater, in Kevlar, and the HopOnTop 16, AKA Hertiage Nomad in fiberglass.

i called them today and they had none
where are you finding they have them for that price?

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