Fishers have higher regard for Aire IK?

I’m thinking about getting an Aire Lynx II inflatable for floating rivers in faraway places. This boat was strongly recommended by a guide for its durability and maneuvering and so on. Problem is, it’s 1200 more of my ducats going into kayaking . . . and I thought fly-fishing was expensive!!!

Any opinions, good or bad, on Aire inflatables? Anyone know of comparable quality boats? I followed the thread below about the Stearns boat, but that doesn’t sound like such a great option.

No comparison
Between and Aire and a Stearns. Compared to Aire, Stearns is a pool toy. Beyond that, I can’t help. Sorry.

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Check out
the March 2003 issue of Canoe and Kayak if you can find it. They had a bunch of IK’s they reviewed. Aire was one if them, but there were others that got rated higher and for less bucks.

Flyfishing doesn’t have to be expensive. Just cuz the rod says Sage or GLoomis won’t make you catch more fish. I got a sweet setup for right around $100 and it works great. Look into Redington (a Sage subsidiary) and Temple Fork Outfitters for good rods at a respectable price.

Go with the Aire…
It’s gonna cost you more money but in the long run, the quality and durability will be well worth the money. I don’t own one but have fished out of a few fully rigged rafts (full fishing frames strapped on them) the last few years and the Aire, in my book, wins hands down.