Fishfinder Recomendation?

I have a Tarpon 140, thanks to the people on this site for the recomendation, and was looking to add a fishfinder to the kayak. If anyone has a recomendation and tips for the install I would be very gratefull.

Yak a Lou may be helpful here, but I’d
also suggest checking on both and I’m not as familiar with the first one, but has bunches of posts on installing fishfinders in sit on top kayaks. Mine is a Eagle Cuda 168 and it does a good job with depths, though can’t say I’ve ever seen a fish on it. Garmin, Eagle, and Lowrance build good finders. Some like the Humminbird, but I prefer the other three. Can’t help with a permanent mount as my Loon won’t allow the transducer to work with a through the hull type mounting. But, through the hull is the most popular way to mount the transducer in a sit on top, either with marine goop or silicone glue…make sure there are no air bubbles in the goop/glue and wait about 4 days before putting it into the water to allow the glue to set.

Here’s a minor thread from TKF on

As I said, this is a minor thread. there are others on TKF that are more in depth and you are more than welcome to ask the question anew.

I also have an Eagle Cuda 168
I seems to work very well. Including indicating fish. I use it on several different canoes so I simply use the suction cup hull mount transducer.

is the place to go. You can read detailed instructions on how to do an install and reviews of the popular FF’s. I bought an Eagle240 from them and have it installed on my T-140. I’m happy with it.

I installed my transducer w/ a big glop of Marine GOOP. It’s inside the hull centered between my feet.

*Rough up the area w/ 80 grit sandpaper.

*Wipe clean with alcohol.

*Put the transducer in place and figure out how to balance a weight on top of it.

*Remove transducer.

*Add GOOP (no bubbles!)

*Add transducer

*Add weight and let set for 48 hrs w/ hatch open.

I even pointed a fan to blow inside of mine while it dried.

I ran my cable through a hole directly beneath the unit. I attached the unit with the proper size stainless screws, fender washers and nyloc nuts (all stainless). I add a small bit of GOOP to each screw before installing them to help waterproof and secure them.

I power it with two small re-chargeable 6v batteries wired in series. Total battery weight = 4.1 lbs. Smaller 6v batteries exist. Mine will run it for 3-4 days without recharging.

There are a few small 12v batteries available that only weigh 2-3 lbs. I already owned one of the 6v batteries so I took the cheap route and bought another one from Academy for about $12.

There’s a semi-popular battery set-up that uses eight AA batteries. I didn’t want to deal with 16 potentially corroded contact points.

Like Jer said… got to one of those two sites for more detailed info.

combo unit
The gps chartplotters/fishfinders with color screens are very nice. Two birds with one stone.

I bought a used, plain jane Raymarine ff for $50, including transducer. That works fine.

You can spend $$ or not. Whatever you choose, use tinned wire and keep your connections dry.