Fishform vs asymetrical?

Help me out here. I understand what an asymetrical canoe is but what is fishform? Is it the opposite,as in widest ahead of center?


is the oposite of the so-called swede-form.

If you really want to know more (and realize you know less :slight_smile:

here you go:

asymmetrical is a blanket term
Can mean fish form, swede form, or just different bow/stern rocker.

Fish=volume forward. Swede=volume aft.

Oh no!
I’ve been paddling my Pat Moore canoe backwards! Duh-The more I learn-the less I know.


what a brave and humble
man you are Turtle…

but isnt your water yet hard?

Ah Turtle…
A benign troll in turtle clothing if ever I did see one! I knew from the obviously oxymoronic subject-line (Swede-form vs. Asymmetrical) that you were merely kick-starting a thread. Your water must indeed already be hard.

Turtle is not a turtle
but I would love to know how he got that name…

in FreeStyle class he disappointed me by failing to show how to turtle a canoe…

Sometimes even the manufacturers
don’t understand. I have a 1997 Mad River Synergy, a whitewater tandem canoe. Mad River called it “fishform” in their own literature, but it is very obviously swedeform. There are some fishform ww solo and tandem whitewater open boats being offered by Millbrook Boats. The fishform setup allows them to accelerate fast between slalom gates, they bridge holes well, and a strong paddler can control the bow movement more easily than with swedeform boats.

Beat me to it.
Good discussion there.

Let’s see, so if I get this right…
fish form = swede form = asymmetrical. It just depends which way you point your toes.

That’s good. If you’re flexible, you
can point one foot one way and the other, the other. It’ll look fishy, but people will just figure you’re a Swede.

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Here be de facts, Pilgrims…

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An' dats de facts, jack...

Fat Elmo

I vote for Swede-form
based on those pictures.

How Swede it is Elmo!
Butt it looks as though you’ve got four painters hung-up in the bilges.

Appears to be alot of rocker to that boat, too!


Tumblehome amidships
And certainly enough fullness in the aft section too!

In that case…
Assuming you are serious then know- in plan view, swedeform is an asymmetrical canoe , so the subject “Swedeform vs. Asymmetical” is an oxymoron. A swedeform canoe basically is wider aft of the beam and a fishform is wider forward of the beam. That is why someone in this thread mentioned that it just depends on which way your toes are pointing (notwithstanding the symmetry in side elevation). These designs handle different ways in different water. I think CEW covered this in a past thread. It’s worth studying if for no other reason to learn more about how design effects performance. Luck.