fishing and fast river canoe

Im wondering if any of you can help me. Im looking for a canoe thats great for fishing,mostly solo but might have my wife as well,and that will handle at least class two easily. Would love any opions I can get.

What are your sizes, height and weight?
The reason that’s important is you need to be fairly large to paddle one of the cross-over tandem solos well (Malecite, Solo Plus, Morningstar, etc) but if the two of you are too large together, the tandem part won’t really work well.

height and weight
Im 5’10 230 and wife is 5’4 120

Malecite or a Solo Plus
… there are others as well, but those are the only ones I’ve paddled. Some say crossovers don’t work. But for my uses, they really pay for their rack space.

Given your sizes, I think you’ll be fine. With your wife, you may want to kneel forward of the stern seat. That’s what I do anyway.

Do you think a crossover like the native watercraft would work?

I have never paddled one
Others here have, hopefully they’ll respond

ty clarion
thank you for taking the time to help me.


wow, Native has a lot of models

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Which ones are you considering? That might help people give you feedback.

I also re-read your post and see that you want something that can do "at least" class II. I don't think you mean to imply that you want to do class III, and if you did, like it was told to me, "I don't think you know what class III is." The sales guy who told me that was sure right too.

on native
well not sure really, but the ultimate 12 or 14.5 sound very stable and more canoe like. but from what ive read they get hung up on trees and rocks because of the tunnel hull.

Look at a Penobscot out of royalex


at least Class II?
Realize that when you talk about a tandem canoe, capable of being paddled solo, that can handle at least Class II whitewater comfortably, you are asking a great deal from a recreational hull.

As jackl said, the Penobscot Rx 16 (Royalex) or the Penobscot 164 (polyethylene) are popular choices for tandem recreational canoes that can handle some whitewater and can still be paddled solo.

If you are really contemplating running more difficult Class II water “comfortably” I would look for a dedicated whitewater hull. You might find a used Dagger Caper or Dagger Caption, although they have become harder to find because they are popular WW OC2s and are no longer made. A Dagger Legend 16 or a Blue Hole OCA will handle two people and Class III (or higher) whitewater quite comfortably. Both can be paddled solo but are more than a bit of a beast. Both would certainly be quite roomy and stable for fishing. You could probably (with practice) stand on the gunwales to cast.

I believe Mad River Canoe is now making a variation on the old Dagger Legend.

You’re going to get a lot more support
… here for a traditional canoe, rather than a Native. For what you are describing you want to do, I think the bias here toward a traditional canoe is completely warranted and sound advice.

Too much

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You are asking too much from one boat: solo, tandem, fast, fishing and class 2?, might as well request the weight be under 30 lbs too.

That said, a detuned short class downriver tandem would be your best bet. Bell's NorthStar, RX NorthWind, Mad River's Malecite or Reflection 15, Esquif's Canyon, Hemlock's Eagle, Nova's Tripper, Old Town's Penobscot 16 in RX, Swift's Kipiwa, Vermont's Encore and Wenonah's Escapade should all be speced and paddled. For solo, you'll probably prefer a boat with tumblehome at the third thwart: One of the Bell's, the Hemlock or the Mad River Reflection 15. Replacing the third thwart with a kneeling thwart or seat aft of the widest cross section in the boat is key to workable, mot gtreat, solo paddling.

He can get a Millbrook AC/DC for
within his target price. Forty two pounds, fairly fast, maneuverable. Can’t ask for a better “crossover” boat than an AC/DC. Downright transgender.

Class II easily
I too would like a canoe that does Class II easily but my paddling skills keep getting in the way. when I want my canoe to go in a certain direction it often does so reluctantly or not at all.

thank you all
you have given me alot to think about now. I never thought id get this much feedback, so will check out all you shared and let you know what I got. Thanks again