fishing as you paddle along w/ ur yak

I went to Cabelas in Hamburg, PA. to see what was already made.

I found a fishing “Rod Holder Bag” made for the Apex seats by C.O.D.

Granted a kayak seat is not an Apex brand seat. But If you have any “yankee ingenuity” you can use webbing and clips to temp. attach it to the back of your kayak seat. Each tube has a velcro strap that you can put around the fishing road to snug it into the tube. Each pvc tube is 8" long( there are 2 tubes with a zippered compartment in the middle. Carry two rods or 1 rod with a fishing net - your choice! I paid $15.00 for the bag, but have seen on the internet for $10 - 20 dollar range.

This way you can set the rod to fish as you troll slowly. Both hands are still on the paddle, but your still fishing!

Happy Fishing!

Just get one of these!
You should have just bought the Crow Wing fishing kayak. Thats all i fish out of! I got mine here.

I just lay mine across my lap, but there’ve been times when one blade or another will catch and almost get swept away.

I haven’t the foggiest how having a crow wing kayak will keep a paddle in place. Methinks he doth profess too much.

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Second post of this sort

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If you want to be taken seriously, put in more information than a brand name and a link.

As it is, I think it's assumed by many (me at the very least) that you are marketing the product. If that's the case, then you should contact the site owner and purchase an advertisement.

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p.s. Sorry - third. None of the posts seemed to be relevant. One was about keeping paddles, which the design of Crow Wings will not help. One was about usefulness of someone's already owned sit-in kayak. And one of them was about CANOES for goodness sake.

Second that.
Definite marketing troll.

As for the rod holder, I mounted a flush tube rod holder on the deck behind the seat like this one:

That’s actually the price for two. They can be had cheaper. Angled back, away from the seat, they’re good for trolling. Even a snag or a monster fish is not going to pull the rod out of the tube easily. But I suppose it could happen.

Kinda hard to see your rod tip, though. I found I was constantly straining my neck to look up and back at the tip for any action. Several times I stopped paddling and grabbed the rod to cast somewhere else and found a small fish on the line. That’s a less than exciting way of catching fish, imo.