fishing boats

Hi everyone. I am new to the discussion forums. I am an experienced paddler on flat water (bayous, swamps and marsh) with some time spent on big water in the Gulf and Lake Pontchartrain. I have a 12 foot sit inside (Dagger Axis), and there is no possibility of buying a fishing yak anytime soon. Can anyone offer any advise or point me to a discussion or site that would suggest tips on how to trick a sit inside out for fishing? No flat decks to access makes it a challenge to bring gear/cooler and such.

Yes. Your space is very limited in your boat, but I still see guys fishing from sit-inside kayaks. I know it can be done. I’ll be surprised if you don’t find some good answers on this site.
Sounds like you would like to make the move to a SOT. Have you looked at used kayaks?
Or… If you want to fish flat water, you might consider a canoe. Lots of open space in a canoe.

TuscarawasRiverRat, thanks for your encouraging response! I am ALWAYS looking at second hands boats and I will, eventually, find my way into a fishing boat. Just looking at what I can do to improve my situation immediately.
Good paddling!