Fishing/Camping Canoe

Hey guys, I’ve done a lot of searching but I’m still in search of a direct answer to this question. After fishing my whole life, I would like to go with a canoe now. In my john boat I would usually go out for 3 or four days with a poncho, water, and means of a fire w/ extra food and live and fish off the water banks usually me and my partner eating the fish we catch and mainly just seeing the sites. I would like to get recommendations on a canoe which would fit this description with a reasonable price. I’m not really looking for swivel seats and the “works” just something practical that I can attach a trolling motor to. I just dont need 1500 dollars worth of canoe. As far as capacity it will be men and another guy so like 500 pounds with gear would be my estimate on weight limit maybe a dog included. thanks guys I look for to suggestions.

Why not stick with the Jon boat if you
have one? Other than maybe a bit of capacity, I don’t see you gaining much by going to a canoe for your stated pupose. The exception may be if you are traveling some narrow waterways.

Yes thats correct shallow waters and me wanting to make the change and a lot of narrow creeks/waterways to get in and out of it. Plus the john boat was a bit of an overkill with the trailer and all I want minimum upkeep. I can throw the canoe on top of my suv by myself instead of hauling a john boat around. I river fish. not messing with violent water. If that helps narrow any searches

grumman 17 square stern
Although if you really want it to be simple you’ll skip the motor idea and get a better paddling idea.

I found that I could paddle longer than the trolling motor battery would last.

Old Town Camper 16
It has a flat bottom, weighs less than 60#. I can stand up and fish in mine.

I was thinking along the same lines
Any of the longer Old Town canoes in the “recreational” catagory would do the job. They are rugged and functional. Check out their website, and for boats like the longest Discovery or Camper models, note what the hull is made of. Polylink-3 is very tough but heavy. Royalex is a bit lighter, a bit more expensive, not quite as tough (but still plenty tough), and more likey to maintain its proper shape in spite of being out in the sun during storage.

Old Town also sells side-mount kits for motors.

If you are going any distance
and want to motor, get a 2-3 hp outboard. It will not weigh more, probably not as much, than a battery and trolling motor.

Or this:

Second The Camper
This canoe is extremely stable. My wife and I take our two kids (six and eight) out all of the time in the summer in mine. The Camper was designed for camping and fishing. It will hold tons and mine handles much better when loaded down with all of our gear. It is also easy to load or portage at 59 lbs. My son and I will be headed to the Eleven Point with mine for several days to fish and camp as soon as school is out!!!

Yep, rather have that than a motor
trolling or otherwise. Two guys can make some time in a tandem. Like the width of the Mad River, narrow enough to have a good time solo paddling.

I wish we could get back to the
original jon boats, longer and narrower than today’s. Watching the rental jon boats in Okefenokee, with their 10 hp motors, they had low wake and tolerable efficiency when run at about half power, but at full power they horsed back against their bow wake, with terrible noise and huge wake. A classic Missouri jon boat would not do this.

Gas prices being what they are, boat designers are going to have to give up the planing hull baloney, and go back to reasonably fast, reasonably efficient displacement hulls.

This one’s close, though meant for
oar or paddle.

Jim Michalak, the designer, has a strong following. Most of his powered designs are meant for low horsepower. He has a couple of jon boat designs, but they run 50+" wide.

I agree
A buddy of mine had a Camper, and we went on several weekend float fishing trips with it. It easily carried the two of us, gear for two days, and had room for two people to fish without getting in one another’s way.

I agree, MR Explorer
I think the Mad River Explorer would be ideal for what you are looking for. It’s pretty stable and a good balance of speed, tracking, turnability and won’t draw a lot of water with 500 lbs of people and gear. It doesn’t excel in any performance category but does a good job in nearly all.

Designed for 2 but I paddle mine solo all the time (though with some difficulty in a stiff wind).

1958 Arkansas Traveler
16’ jon boat. Less than 4’ at the waterline. And it still doesn’t leak a drop. Use a 1971 shortshaft Evinrude. Not as efficient as any of my solo canoes, but it has a purpose just the same. And I just love the smell of premix in the morning!

Old Town St. Charles polylink
is what I have, 16’ long, very stable, easy to paddle, can use a third seat if desired, looks great on the water…