Fishing Canoe

I have a Kevlar Shearwater, solo canoe. There is a squared off portion at the bow, on the inside of the canoe. Is there a way to open that up, install a permanent fish finder/ depth finder transponder, patch it back up and run the wires in the gunnels? I dont want to jeopardize the structure of the canoe and I dont know if there is foam or something inside.

I’m sure there is.
Either call the manufacturer and talk to their custom shop or call a reputable outfitter with a good repair service.

If you live in or near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I recommend Blue Mountain Outfitters. If you live in or near Farmville, Virginia, I recommend Appomattox River Company.

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please don’t
it’s a great canoe.

cut up a POS boat anytime you want, but a kevlar shearwater? that’s blasphemy.

Is it big enough to take a screw in hatch? Foam adds weight so it is probably empty.

Dont worry
I contacted Swift. They said at first that it could definitely be done. Then they retracted and said they didnt want to take any legal risks throwing off the balance of the canoe. I will just stick with my bolt on fishfinder. I cant wait until the spring. My main goal is going back in Algonquin for lakers. I was portaging a 95 lb old town. I should be able to sprint down the portages now.