Fishing Central Coast of CA (Morro Bay)

I have fished out of rented kayaks from Cayucous. Just bought my first kayak and was wandering about the best places to fish in the area. I have heard about a place to put in near Cambria. Is it an easy put in? That is a great area to fish. Have done it from a private boat many times. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am an avid fisherman, but not much experience from a kayak.



I am jealous… I have always loved
Moron…err Morro Bay area, and thought the water around there looked very fishy. Little motor boat traffic, means little pressure…

I would practice surf launches before going out with all my gear, unless you can find a sheltered cove to launch from…or from Morro Bay itself.

Good luck, I suspect lots of Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut and Sole would be available.

Check out these sites for more fishing specific contacts for your area.