Fishing equipment

I am amazed at the quantity and variety of fishing supplies that are out there. The lures of every shape and size, reel models that stretch 50 feet or more on a bass pro shop counter. For a beginner, it all depends what you are fishing for but it is amazing.

Its called “fishing for fishermen”,
a few basic lures, basic equipment, will do the job much of the time.

Try to gather thoughts on what type of fish is your target and get a few things and get to work. If you chage fish kinds then it’s shop time. Over the years your tackle box will get so big the boat to carry it will be an aircraft size. Then there is live bait issue. He who dies with the largest tackle box looses since you won’t need it anymore???

I’m using the same tackle box
I started with 40 yrs ago. I just replace what I lose sometimes with replacements sometimes with something new, as if the fish care. My rods and reels on the other hand take up more and more room!!?

Tackle boxes.
For the past two years, I’ve struggled with what works best for a tackle box to take in my kayaks (both sit inisdes0 or, now, my Wenonah Sandpiper canoe. Was in Sports Authority, found last year model Teva sandals on sale for 1/2 price, looked around the cammping area, and found a North Face butt pack for $10, normally $50. Put my tackle in it, went fishing today, and it works better than anything I"ve found so far. Even has a drink holder…acutally, I’ve fitted a hard plastic cup holder in the water bottle slot and can put my soda or favorite brew in the holder.

North Face butt pack
I could not find apic of that. Can you provide a link?

Also called waist packs and lumbar packs
Look on the North Face website. The one I bought is apparently a discontinued model.