Fishing from a Manitou 14. Am I nuts?

So I went out tonight in my 2 trip new Manitou 14, and brought along my fishing gear for the 1st time… outside of it being a bit cramped trying to hop into the cockpit with a tackle box and container of worms sitting on the bottom of the hull, I thought it went rather well. Anyone else using their day tourer as a fishing platform? I think I might want a much smaller tackle box go forward to ease entry into the cockpit… thoughts?


A little
but the Manitou 14 is a nice stable platform. You might put the stuff you don’t need often in a small bag that you can toss forward and retrieve with a line when needed.


it’s fine
I have fished from my old town cayuga, which is very similar, and felt fine with it, although i had to get a deck rigging kit ad andd some extra bungees for all the stuff. I also recommend a net or grippers as leaning over to grab the fish with one hand as you hold the rod up in the air with the other is a recipe for disaster.

Plano 3500 boxes
I have my tackle sorted out in Plano 3500 tackle boxes. They are compact, adjustable, see through and cheap. About $3. I just take what I need for the species. Hooks and small weights go in micro boxes that fit in the PFD or shirt pockets. Look at the fishing PFDs with lots of pockets and clips. The nylon fishing shirts work out real well also. Check out Bass Pro’s own label for best bang for the buck on the shirts. It gets hot where I live so I use the shirts and an inflatable PFD in warmer weather.

Possibly a ruddered boat
In any normal paddling setting, i hate having a rudder, can’t stand the footpegs, it catchs alot of wind up, is frustrating down as i’m used to corrective strokes, not steering with my feet, have had one break mid trip, which is very frustrating and find them clumsy steering anyways. This won’t change anytime soon for pure paddling, but i was out fishing the other day and i can see how a rudder would be nice when you’re using your hands to cast and can’t always use your paddle to keep yourself going in a certain direction.

Toe controls
You can get toe controls for the rudder. Pegs are solid for bracing and they work great for control on a drift.

I use my Tsunami 145 weekly, I did 12 miles today caught 10 smallies, 1 rock bass, and 3 fall fish. All in all a good day nothing to write home about but a good time non the less. I have a post for my 145 below if you haven’t already checked it out.