fishing from a sea kayak...

ok so i love to paddle and like to fish. normally do it from a canoe. first time posting on this forum so pardon if it’s all been covered a million times before…

i have a 22inch wide sea kayak and sometimes i see many fish jumping where i paddle and would like to try fishing for them. other times i would like to troll if possible.

but where would you put the rod, behind you i assume? are their good devices for this purpose? any advice is appreciated.

fish from kayak
I fish from a kayak too and I set a very lite drag and put the poll in beside me so if I get a bit I can set the hook with my arm and then get the rod and turn in to it …It works and with the lite drag you well not get wet …The outher way is to turn into the palce you are going to fish and hold your rod so it well guide you as you drift .( lay the rod tip over the bow it well turn you ) Take care

Recommend you go to-

– Last Updated: Jul-17-05 5:53 PM EST – and click on forum-then to Newbie and ask your question. Pnet is a great forum for paddlers, who also fish. Serious yak anglers will offer more informed advice on rigging. Also: and look for Don B, the SIK moderator's inputs.

i’ll check that site out.
but i am best described as a paddler who fishes second myself. my sea kayak is a paddlers boat, with modest beam. i’m hoping i can still figure out a way to fish from it occasionally.


Maybe this will work for you,
Read this article by W.Ladd on fishing from a sea kayak.

I actually did build a similar rig for my new QCC but the beam on mine is 24" so I was able to install it behind my seat as the boat is very stable. So far I tested it trolling for large barracuda and it held surprisingly well. I did build it to figure best rod holder placement for trolling but think I will not have to open any holes in the boat with this rig.

Here it is on my QCC: