Fishing from an inflatable yak

Hello guys,

I have a bit silly question :stuck_out_tongue: I’m currently thinking about buying an inflatable yak

but, i’m also having some doubts about it. How stable it is to fish from an inflatable yak?

Should I reconsider and buy a regular one? I mean, it is quite handy that it’s light and all that, but I wouldn’t want to end up in water :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone had some experience with these?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Inflatables Suck
Don’t do it! Inflatables suck! As soon as you stop paddling, the boat stops. Inflatables tend to “plow” the water, instead of gliding and/or cutting through the water, like a standard kayak.

Transporting a roto-molded kayak isn’t an issue, like some people might think. I’ve hauled 2 Old Town Vapor 10XT kayaks on top of my Civic with no problems.

Plus, there’s the issue of punctures and the repairs that go with an inflatable.

Then there’s the inability of being able to install accessories, like fish finders, rod holders, tackle boxes, cup holders, etc.

If you’ve never purchased a kayak before, stay away from the hard plastic models like Sun Dolphin, Pelican, KT Industries and Water Quest.

Perception and Old Town make some great entry level kayaks.

Good luck with your choices!


You can do it.
I’m learning the hard way that inflatables aren’t as convenient as they seem like they ought to be. You have to inflate before each trip, deflate after, dry them, roll up to store, carry the bulky heavy mess off a boat to wherever you store it, and then back out for the next trip. If you store it partially inflated, then you have the same storage issues for a hard shell, but it’s a lot harder to move because it bends and flops. There are circumstances where an inflatable work well, but for day to day fishing convenience, I prefer a hard shell.

more of the same, sort of…
I had one of the air bag inside a tough cover inflatable sit on top kayaks for a few seasons. It was a wet ride. I was driving a Cube, which doesn’t have good rack or trailer options. Anyway, it worked but was slow. No trouble with leaks with the tough outer cover. Setup is fast and getting on quick is no problem. It’s after you get off and are trying to get the air out well enough to roll or fold up small enough to pack away and find a spot to do it where it won’t get dirt and grass stuck to it, maybe having to let it drip dry a few minutes, etc, that you start regretting it.