fishing from kayak

Think an otter xl is to small to fish from? I went out the other day with rod and reel and had no problem. Some one told me they did not think it was a very good idea because it was small. Did not have any problem, guess it is preference.

Fishin’ from a rec boat
I fish from my Perception Rhythm 11 (Dagger Element 11.2) all the time. Very stable, yet its still quick through smooth water. Rough water makes paddling much harder, but I need the workout :wink:

I just mounted a Scotty baitcaster rod holder on mine, for my ugly stick ultralight spinning combo. I fish with my spray skirt on, at least until it warms up enough (water and air) for me to consider going skirtless :wink:

There are more complex fishing kayaks made, Sit on tops, hobbie with their hands free propulsion, etc. They arnt needed, IMO, unless your fishing where you might roll, then a SOT would be nice because they are easier to get on, and self-bail.

I highly recommend a rod holder or two, makes life easier.

fishing from kayak
thanks for the information, I am doing mostly lake fishing now, and was out looking for a rod holder today. Also noticed I needed a much smaller tackle box. It sure is fun. Cant wait to get back on the water

Lake fishing
I do a lot of lake and pond fishing out of my kayak. Well, bay fishing, i stay out of Lake Ontario…But I would kayak/fish the finger lakes, too. It is a lot of fun, and I hope my new rod holder enhances that fun. Gonna buy one of those plastic slinky key holders to make my own “paddle leash” that i can take on and off quickly. I don’t want to paddle with it on, but having the ability to quickly clip it and use it to make slight corrections while fishing would be great!

I use a cheap ($3-4) Plano tackle tray for kayaking. Gotta buy another though, as my ultralight tackle is taking over this tray.

If you want to fish with night crawlers, but don’t wanna deal with trying to hook a squirming worm in a moving kayak (its not fun) I recommend trying Berkley GULP! Night crawlers. The rock bass and sunfish (bluegill and pumpkin seed) sure don’t care that they are fake worms! Better yet, they last a lot longer than live bait. I’m sure sometimes the read deal work better, but I’m impressed so far…