Fishing from Pungo 120

Anyone fish from a W/S Pungo 120? Currently I fish from a Perception Sundance 12. That works great, as I’m able to carry two rods, one tucked in on each side of the seat while paddling.Works wonderful as the rods are totally out of the way.

I just came back from looking at a Pungo 120. The seat is configured a bit different. There would be no way to slide the rods down next to the seat as described above.

What do you do with your rods in the Pungo while under paddle? Just keep them in the cockpit with the rod tips facing foreward? Do you slide them inside of the bow of the yak?

I am talking about short five footish ultra light rods used for largemouth bass fishing.

I am considering buying another kayak for use by friends and family, and want them to be able to fish with me.

Thanks for your advice.

Pungo Rod Holder

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I bought a small plastic mesh basket (12"x9"x6"deep) at Target for about $4, and used plastic strap ties to secure a 14" PVC rocket launcher type tube rod holder into the corner of the basket. Then I use two short bungee cords wrapped around the base of the seat back to secure the basket into the space behind the seat. It holds my rod upright behind me for storing/trolling, and the basket holds lures, pliers, Bogas, etc.

Total expenditure: about ten bucks. Pungo fishing bliss: priceless.

Or, you might really go to town and do it up right like Dirty Dave:

Pungo fishing
The Wilderness System’s phase 3 seat has a hole on each side of the seat frame. I put the rod butt into the hole and lay the rod back across the side of the seat. It works quite well. I troll this way and never have any trouble.

Behind the
seat always worked fine for me.Id sit the rod i was using on the floor in front of me.

hope this helps
I have 2 pungo 140’s and while they are slightly longer, this might help. I have stored them in many ways depending on the circumstances.

There is a slight on either side of the seat that will hold a rod. If I am sure I will not need them, they will go in the front below the deck.

If there is a chance I will need them on a moment’s notice, I will put them in front of me, butt to the floor, tip in the air, resting the front coaming. This is usually OK unless there are tree bramches to woory about.

One I had not thought of that a friend came up with, is to use the deck bungees. Slide the tip into the front grab handle, and the butt end into the bungees. Unless I am worried about snagging on low branches this is actually the best as it is real easy to get to quickly and is also out of the way.

Bungy type paddle keepers
I have a Loon 138 which came with a bungy type paddle keeper. I bought another from Old Town and installed it on the other side. I am able to carry two rods while paddliing, one under each paddle keeper. I took two golf tubes (you can use small diameter (PVC) and cut them down and slid them under my bow deck rigging, one on each side and slide my rod tips into the tubes for protection. Works great and best of all, inexpensive. The paddle keepers are $10 from old town, but i’m sure you can find them elsewhere. Here’s a link to the Old Town site. there is a pic of the keepers with a paddle but it’s kind of hard to see. The bungee is about a foot long and attaches to two hooks which works really great and easy and out of the way while paddling. While fishing, either slip the paddle under the deck rigging or place it in the empty paddle keeper. I also use a paddle leash.

Pungo 100
I recently picked up a 100 and while a little shorter than the 120, is a great little boat.

I will be fishing and possibly tolling out of it.

In terms of a rod holder (with line out) would you recommend getting an actual rod holder and mounting it? I tried to figure out what dolanjs was saying here and the holdes on my phase 3 are facing the side of the boat.

“The Wilderness System’s phase 3 seat has a hole on each side of the seat frame. I put the rod butt into the hole and lay the rod back across the side of the seat. It works quite well. I troll this way and never have any trouble.”

I can’t figure out how you could get the rod in there.

Any thougths?

While i’m at it, are there any guides or instructions anywhere with regards to doing mountings (rod holders or simply eyelets) to a hull? I’ve no clue how it’s done. I can start a new thread if this is considered hijacking…


Scotty rod holder
Get a rod holder. They’re relatively inexpensive.

Plus, get a bigger rod. UL for largemouth? You must like to spend the day bringing in one fish.

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Try this
Sit in the seat. Put the rod butt into the hole on your left . Lay the rod back beside the seat back, by your left shoulder, puting the reel behind the seat back strap.

I hope that explains it better.


Thanks Jim
I’ll have another look.

The basket idea also sounds possible.

I checked the prices on a rod holder and mounts and they are very reasonable for a RAM system with the 2000 mount. I may go that route and put on 2 or 3 mounts.

Pungo 120
I replaced a OT 13.8 with a Pungo 120, better faster and more stable boat, but a lot less roomy for equipment. I have installed Scotty rod holders front and back. I also use them for anchoring. If I had to do again, I would buy the 140, it sits higher and is faster and has more room for tackle. Great seat, but I supplement it with a Spring Creek air seat for those 5 to 6 hour fishing days. Pongo cockpit is harder to get out of, but still a better boat, I have learned to brace my paddle behind me when I exit. My wife has a 10 foot critter, which she really likes, good fishing.

Rod Holders
If you not sure where to mount, or type of rod holder to mount look at both Wilderness Systems and Old Town home pages. Both have kayak models with Scotty type rod mounts already installed. You can do it yourself or about 20% of what these models would cost for the additional features. I recommend that you use stainless steel hardware and place a backing plates which are available through Cabelas for the Scotty mounts. There are also several optional items which can use the same mount. Good fishing