Fishing Handline

Anyone used one of these??

tempted…cheap enough…small enough…could feed me…

The Mexican Version Is Even Cheaper
The local version of that I see among Mexican fisherman here is fishing line wrapped around a beer can, sometimes with a rock for a fishing weight.

And the results can be pretty damn amazing. If the line is wound properly, it comes off the can just like a spinning reel. The distance and accuracy I have seen are better than most can do with a rod and reel.

A lot of Mexican guys who could easily afford a rod and reel fish this way as a matter of pride in folk ways.

hand line kayak fishing
Years ago there was a product for kakyak fishing

Although the new product looks interesting my experience fishing off the NE coast moved me to heavy line that would not cut my hand when pulling in a striper or blue. I use dacron deep sea trolling line.

It’s basically what appears to be a circular hard plastic tube, with the outer portion of the tube eliminated, so you’ve got a concave ring-like thing.

You wind your line on it, and you rig it simply -usually the simplest bait rig of an egg sinker above a swivel, leader attaced to the swivel ending in a 2-0 to 5-0 hook baited with a chunk of mullet, a squid square, or a shrimp or shrimp head or shrinp tail.

You rodeo cast it -you know, you wind it up over your head in a circle, and whip it around faster, and let’er rip. You hold the yo-yo facing the water in the direction of the cast, et vwalah: you got yosef reeeel EZ fishin’ gear.

It’s simple, and simply effective. If you can fish, you can use almost any gear. And it’s about the least costly and easiest line-launcher to bring along for the ride as you


-Frank in Miami

If you cut away the “outer portion” of a tube, wouldn’t you be left with the hole on the middle?

Cuban Reel…

I have used these in the Caribbean
They work well and are really cheap.

Can be made…
in about 20 minutes with scrap lumber and a jigsaw.

I spent twice that on mine because I sanded it and put some polyurethane on it… I don’t think the fish care but I wanted something a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Looking at the plastic one I’d suggest a little bit more “hook” on the sides that will be used to gather the line. If it’s designed correctly you can “walk” the line in while bracing with the other hand if needed :-).


Looks like the reels that kite fliers on the W coast use for their kite lines :slight_smile:

actually we kitefliers use
them all over the world…our name for them is “gator”…specifically used for fighter kites-you leave the gator one the ground with the curved side up and the line comes freely off the spool for you to fly with…

i had never even thought about using one for this…perfect!!!