Fishing homework

I am a kayaker trying to learn to fish. I took a kayak fishing class and bought a book on kayak fishing, but they were both geared more toward outfitting vs. How to fish. anyone know of any good fishing books other than fishing for dummys.

I think a better source is…
any boat launch in your area that has a coffee/bait shop.

Most folks who hang out at those places are pretty friendly and are more than happy to share what they know.

For a novice I’d recommend starting out with live or fresh bait depending on what’s normal for the species you’re pursuing.

Go where other fishermen are. Chat with them. Watch them. Ask questions but try to never interrupt their fishing.

Dennis Spike is supposed to be the king of your coast when it comes to offshore/coastal fishing. There are a few California specific websites dedicated to yak fishing too. Chances are you’d find it easy to hook up with a small group who’d be likely to volunteer to let you tag along and learn.

It ain’t rocket science.

Rocket science makes more sense.

Good luck!

Good advice from Yak-a-Lou, also
check to see if there is a local anglers club and or yak anglers club in your area. There is a definite learning curve. If you are able to hook up with some of the experienced guys in your area, they can save you a lot of time and money.

Where might you be? What state, near what body of water? What kind of gear do you have, fly, spin, casting, salt of fresh?

So many questions, so many options!

If your in PA I may be willing to help.

good luck…jeff

Yakalou gave good advice. Go talk to the local bait and tackle guys. After you have gathered enough info, give it a shot. There is no substitute for time on the water.

Fishing from the kayak…
I just recently got into kayak fishing myself. Since I started I’ve already fished more this year than the past five years. The best way to go about it is to target a specific fish or group of fish. In my case it’s the black bass and the striped bass. It doesn’t seem like anyone fishes for either of these species from a kayak and as you said most kayak fishing info is geared more towards gear and setup. So once I was properly informed as to how to fish from the kayak I started searching for secrets of fishing in general for these fish. Once you’ve got the techniques and gear down for the specific fish you can start branching out to other species. Also find a charter boat and go out with them for a day or half-day. Those guys make a living fishing and even if you don’t catch anything pay attention to how they go about fishing. And as already posted ask around most fisherman as long as your not asking for their secret spot will always have something to say.