Fishing in a Wenonah Prism vs Bell Magic

i’m an avid fly fisherman and have it narrowed down to these two canoes for lake/slow river fishing. i’ve demo’d both and need to take them out again for a longer period and add some weight in them to compare their performance . but, i’d appreciate some feedback from people that [have] actually use them for fishing. what do you like/dislike about them. thanks!

I’ve fished from my Magic

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and way truly suprised that it makes a fairly stable platform for float fishing or working the shoreline. However I have a Mad River Independence that is much more suited to relaxed fishing and it is my dedicated fishing boat, you could easily stand up and fish in it.

I love wenonah boats. However the only thing I say could give the bell the advantage is the seat. I find it more comfortable to fish from flat seats rather than the tractor seats in most wenonah’s. If the Prism is as good as my vagabond when it comes to stability it would work well.

i don’t like the seat, either. i called wenonha and was told they don’t convert the seat to cane/mesh on the prism. though on the general forum i was told otherwise. still, the rep is supposed to call me back about it. thanks for y’all’s input.

Fishing from Prism
I fished for a couple of summer’s with a Prism and would recommend it. Unfortunately, I never fished from the other model you mentioned, so I can’t compare. If standing in the canoe is important while fishing, forget the Prism. I did like the tractor seat, however, and I have paddled several models with other style seats. The tractor seat was an acquired preference. I didn’t care for it initially. What I liked best about the Prism was its excellent tracking ability and equally efficient glide. I never wasted time fighting the wind while fishing. The Prism would move sideways in a stiff wind, but never spin around, so I never had to be concerned about keeping the line in front of me. It also took very little effort to move forward or backwards, so that my strokes did not disturb the prey.


Haven’t paddled the Prism, would love to! I love the Magic’s hull(duh), one can do everything it’s controllable…and I would like to paddle a seatless Magic…say ~1’ rearward of the specified mid-ships…to test it’s paddling efficiency.

I like kneeling to both paddle and throw line, but enjoy sitting back at times…so the Magic’s hull at that well-balanced mid-height seat setting would be a real dilemma for me…although it’s very comfortable, I can’t believe they haven’t redesigned that seat…with the seat-thwarts? angled upward …fastening_to/hanging_from the gunwales at a higher level…oh well…

I’ve paddled the Sandpiper as well as both 17’/18’ Jensons, but not for long…so my time on the standard tractor seat has been too brief for a true comfort test. If we could start with Wenonah’s seat foundation and then integrate Bell’s soft, tilted seat…hmmm.

Either one WILL work…I’d try on both seats for as long as someone will let you… Wenonah has that Gel pack also.