Fishing in Dallas, TX Area

I have a buddy who relocated to Dallas from the Gulf Coast a few years ago. When he did, he gave up his (motorized) fishing boat and has regretted it ever since. I suggested he check into the possibility of kayak/canoe fishing in his area as he can get back into his old hobby with a much smaller investment/less room required than his old boat. Are there good areas for kayak fishermen or any clubs, etc around Dallas? is the
premier website for kayak fishermen in Texas. This is the DFW chapter, though don’t know how active it is:

90% of TKF members are salties. But, there are some freshwater kayak fishermen int the DFW area. I’d suggest he post on both the freshwater and saltwater board. He may get the opportunity to partner with someone making a coasal run if he prefers coastal fishing.

texas fishing forum
they have a kayak fishing section as well

fish the dfw area
I fish in the DFW area out of my OT Guide. I fish several creeks that feed the Trinity and Joe Pool Lake. Also fish in some of the town park ponds that allow it. Bear Creek through DBW airport is not bad either. Fish both with and without a partner. Thinking about a SOT as my next boat. Oh, BTW, I’m 61 and still able to wrestle that heavy boat around and it travels fine in the back of my PU. Oh, I’ve also fished lakes Arlington and Whitney out of it as well, and the Brazos.