Fishing in Destin????

I am going to Destin in June and I am bringing my sit on top Kayak. Is the fishing good and where do I go? I noticed we are close to the Choctawhatchee Bay. I plan on bring a bass rod or two. What can I plan on catching and what is good to eat? Thanks

I’m from Missouri.

If you don’t get any good answers,
e-mail me and I will see if I can set up a phone meeting between you and my brother-in-law. He lives up that way, and his passion is fishing. He doesn’t do computers and such, but he knows fishing his area very well.

He’s usually very glad to help others.


where to fish
from land fish at the bridges on the back side of the tide flow. From boat anchor to the down side of the tide. You will get more fish fishing around the bridges, stations, poles, structor. Keep a tight grip cause you may go for a run. Quick release on anchor or use a sea anchor that is cone shaped that allows you to float with current but not as fast as current. I would rather show you than tell you but I have torn retina.

YOu can also head east to Cape San Blas,
and fish the Apalachicola Bay grass flats for Redfish, Seatrout, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Bluefish, Cobia, Black Drum, Jack Crevalle, etc…

I would contact the guys at Forgotten Coast Kayak Fishing and get some specifics to the area you are fishing, and possibly someone to show you the ropes.


I’m not fishing but I’ll also be visiting Destin the first week of June. I’m always ready to paddle.

Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT angler
I just bought this yesterday at BassPro now I need to rig it. I plan on bringing this and my other Kayak to Destin to fish and play in the ocean/bay. Can someone let me know what would work best for fishing in the bay? Bait? Lures? I live in MO and fish a lot here. I was wondering if I will need steel leaders and what I would likely catch to eat? I have spiderwire on one of my rods but I don’t know it that is a good idea if I hook something big. I will be using my bass rod. Thanks

Destin Fishing
Ok so I met a guy in Destin at our condo that has a Hobie kayak. He invited me to go red snapper fishing with him. The first day we paddled 2 miles out and he caught his two red snapper but I only caught 4 ramoras. I later found out that I was fishing too deep. The next time I went out was on Friday and I caught a red snapper and it was awesome. He caught his 2 again but we had to leave because of a large thunder storm. While we were out fishing we only saw one boat and I guess once he saw us catching fish he pulled within 20 yards and started fishing with 5 guys. What an A-hole. He had the whole ocean and he had to pull up next to us. The boat was named EXTASEA. I looked it up and it is a charter fishing boat in Destin that I will never use after that. It was a lot of fun and work but worth it.

A charter boat captain can’t find his own fish. There’s a headline for you.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that those are known red snapper fishing grounds and that’s why the guy took you there, and why the charter captain was headed to there. As you say, he had the whole ocean so why were you all headed to the same destination?

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We were already there and it’s kinda hard to paddle to another spot but he of course can. So why did he have to get soo close to us? Because he is an arse.

got used to those who when they saw
… me hook up they would come running right over exactly where I was .

But this is fishing bucktails on the bay bridge poles when I chose to stay on for a couple more hours after daybreak … on a weekend .

It was ok with me though because most all these guys just wanted to hookup with one and really weren’t going to have much luck because they just didn’t know how to do it , but they were puttin in their weekend time , paying their dues , trying to figure it out .

If you were watching you would see me hookup and bring the Striper out of the poles , drift away with the tide to clear the fish from the poles , and do the battle in the open water . I’d look to see 2 or 3 boats leaving their poles and speeding right to the pole I just hooked up on . I’d boat and release the fish out in the open water , they’d be beginning to work my pole .

I just go to the next pole , hookup and the whole process would repeat , I’d drift away on the tide with the fish on and they’d swarm my last pole .

Like I said , if you were watching , you see this repeat a dozen times in a row . I felt for those guys , but they just couldn’t get their rods to bend . Sometimes if I had the notion to be helpful to one of them , I’d show them the ropes and even give them the bucktail and “secret” so they could hookup .

So I understand how other fishermen believe where you just hooked up has to be the hot spot , but it ain’t so … it’s mostly all either hot or it’s not .

If it was a Charter Capt. coming along side you , I’d say that’s his ground and more power to him . Have you ever seen the Charter Capt. leading the pack of weekend wariors , they will follow him like sheep and he don’t mind , he knows we all just want to hookup some .

And if you are in a paddle craft out fishing open waters where the power boat gang range , don’t expect any special consideration just because you are in a paddle craft … you are as welcome as the next guy but you are not the exception , you have to play by the same rules as everyone else out there … they can move about at ease , if you can’t deal with it , stay away from their stomping grounds , or at the least stay out of their way because the power boat fishing gang swarm like a Bee’s nest . If that’s ok with you and you can deal with it in a paddle craft , fine , enjoy the hunt .

You mut be the Captain of the Extasea
You mut be the Captain of the “Extasea” with that kind of mentality. I fish in Missouri and we don’t usually have that problem. I guess it’s different in the ocean. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to give me and the other kayakers a little space. As far as playing by the rules I bet most charter captains would not put up with another boat pulling up within 20 yards of them either. You might catch a flare that close.

you weren’t fishing in Missouri …

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...... were you ??

Like I told you , in the open bay and tidal waters where the power boat gang range , say hello to the others who are fishing if they come in close , and get used to it . Sometimes we've drifted in large tight pack a thousand feet wide , sometimes we bop around all over the bridges with 30-50 others doing the same , sometimes they (a hundred boats) troll with a 100' spread so close together that you'd swear your boards are going to tangle , and sometimes you own the place not a soul in sight .

Like I said , learn to deal with it or not , but it's all fair ground out there , just don't cross anybody's lines or run into them .

Personally because I prefer to own the place when I'm out there , I'd go out from night to dawn ... it's peacful , cool , quiet , few others and the fish are crazy nuts through the night . I personally would never have the slightest desire to paddle fish in the same waters where the power boat gang run , but , more and more paddlers are doing it now a days ... and they always cry about the power boats , my best efforts are not to run them over .