Fishing in No. Virginia?

Looking for a place to fish in the Arlington/Fairfax County area, other than the Potomac. Going out to the Shenandoah or the Chesapeake Bay is always nice, but I live in Arlington and I’d like to find something relatively peaceful, clean and close to home that isn’t overfished. Any suggestions?

Prince WIlliam County

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Try Lake Brittle or Lake Jackson. BOth pretty popular locally, but there is good fishing to be had at both locations. And next time you want to get out on the Shenandoah, drop me a line, happy to play "crusty old river guide" for a fellow P-net denizen.

Local fishin
Burke Lake is a real nice lake. A recent test of lakes in NVA using electric shock, and counting fish showed Burke Lake has more Bass per acre of any water in NVA. I’ve only Kayak fished there once, caught a couple of small fish, I believe they have Muskie in there too. Only trolling motors allowed, so not alot of annoying noise and wakes.