Fishing Kayak Advice needed

What is a good 2 person SOT kayak for fishing? Is there something out there made for two that has some storage to hold fish, room for a little bait bucket and some rod holders? I basically want to fish on the kayak alone, but also use it for touring around with the wife when I am not fishing it. Any links to kayaks that might fit the bill would be great.



regarding your post
Dear WB,

What general area and type of fishing will you be doing?

river/bay fishing
I’ll be fishing around docks and mangroves in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon system.

this one looks good
Pro2 Tandem

by Malibu Kayaks

Looked at a Malibu Two, not the pro
series, at Bass Pro Shop today. Its cetainly good for two. A bit wide, but with two paddling, it should make up the difference. I explored buying a used one a few weeks ago. The responses I got were that its slow to paddle, but an extremely stable fishing platform.

Stable = Slower
It can’t be helped - the wider a boat is for stability the more drag you’ll encounter as you paddle it. But in my experience, it’s not enough added drag to make a boat impossible to paddle, and you quickly adjust.