Fishing Kayak Help

I live in Central Il and have access to countless strip mine lakes. Issue is most do not have boat access so my wife and I have decided a Kayak might be the best way to go as we can carry it or add a two wheel cart to pull it on instead of fishing from shore. Can you steer me to a brand or specific one that would be Sit on Top, Tandem and maybe down the line attach a trolling motor for the bigger lakes? Some of these guys are over 100 acres. I’d like to stay under 2k if possible.

Thanks for any assistance.

BTW, this is an example of what we have access to. This is 5 minutes from our home, 4 lakes 130 acres of total water


Although there is a fishing subsection to this forum, most people don’t come here to talk fishing kayaks and “motor” is a bad word. You’d be better served by finding a dedicated kayak fishing forum or fishing in general.

Seriously? I had no idea people would be upset for asking a question regarding a trolling motor or motor in general. Im truly taken back by this.

Not upset. Just letting you know why your question has languished.

Looks like a nice area. I don’t fish, but did a quick search and found this tandem that meets your specs:

To locate a Feelfree dealer near you:

Hobie makes a good product but it’s a beast as to weight and price:

I second that. No one is bothered by such questions. We’re just not too smart about the subject matter.

As popular as fishing from kayaks has become, there just has to be a discussion board dedicated to the topic somewhere online. In fact, a fishing forum that I know, called “Lake Link”, has dealt with the topic quite a bit, even though most folks there use big fishing rigs with big gas outboards.