Fishing Kayak-Need Advice

I am new to kayak fishing and trying to decide on which Kayak to purchase. Based on what’s available locally, I’ve narrowed it down to the Hobie Quest, Heritage Redfish, WS Ride ans WS T140. I’ll mostly be fishing marshes in SE Louisiana. Any help greatly appreciated!


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another site you can check

i know there are people from louzana' there

personally, i'd say the redfish...plenty stable, w/lots of storage. the hobie's are good but pricey! i've got a tarpoon 120 it's pretty stable w/good storage. fits my needs good!

good luck in your choice

ok scupper pro
take a look. I have one that I love.


ask yourself
how far are you going to have to paddle to get to a fishing spot. If you are only going a few yards then anything will do as long as it fits you. If you want to paddle 6 - 8 miles in a regular fishing outing then a boat that is not a pig to paddle will be what you want. The scupper pro and the tarpon 160 come to mind if you are covering some miles. Again, make sure the whatever kayak you get for fishing is comfortable enough to spend hours in it. And, I would go with a rudder for control in drift fishing and fighting fish.