Fishing Kayak Recommendations

Looking to purchase my first SOT fishing kayak, I will be fishing lakes, rivers, bays, and in the gulf. I have looked at several manufacturers and their various styles they offer. I would like to get everyones feedback on what they prefer for the various fishing locations I will be in. Please give pros and cons of any brand/styles you are familiar with.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

Too many
There’s too many to tell you what is good for you.

My recommendation is to check out any of the many kayak fishing sites and see what brands and models are “pedigreed” for the water and type of fishing you have in mind.

In most regions, there tend to be two or three brands and models that stand out for particular kinds of fishing. Find those near you and narrow your search down that way first.

Sorry I couldn’t be more direct.

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Hard Question

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A Tarpon 120 will work for all the areas you will fish. It's hard to find an "all around" yak, but the Tarpon 120, or something similar is close. Anything longer than 12 ft. will be hard to maneuver in river current. Anything shorter will not track very well.

River is the odd one out
I would have you qualify the type of river you are paddling on to make a final recommendation. The lakes, bays, and Gulf can be the same kayak (I would recommend a 14 foot for that environment). If the river is slow and wide with few obstructions, the same kayak could work for that water type as the others you described. If the river has swift current and requires maneuverability, you may want something shorter (12 foot). With the brands I carry, I would recommend the Native Watercraft Manta Ray, or the Wilderness Systems Tarpon. If you want something with the room and stability to stand, the WS Ride would cover that aspect. Your best bet is to demo, demo, demo, and decide which outfitting and features you like best. Fishing specific kayak models are coming along in leaps and bounds; there is certainly no shortage of GOOD choices to be had.

I would suggest
looking into the RTM line.I’m planning to try them myself.I had an Ocean Scupper Pro which is now RTM’s Tempo but I want to try their Disco and Midway.

Here’s a place with Hobie enthusiast

It’s on the other coast but it may give you some ideas on what’s out there or maybe find some links that may help.