Fishing kayaks


New to the kayak fishing thing. Can anyone recommend a light stable and comfortable kayak for a novice to fish from.



I just bought an Emotion Stealth Angler to fish from. Excellent for the money. Emothion makes a non fishing version without the rod holders called the Temptation. It has excellent reviews as well for being super stable and just all around great SOT. You can get more info on them at

My brother just bought the Tarpon 100 for fishing. A little bit more than mine and has a few more gadgets than mine. Very popular fishing model from are local outfitter in the area. This kayak is made from Wilderness Systems.

Both are excellent for fisning and I feel both are reasonably priced. Both companies also make some longer fishing kayaks as well if your looking for something larger than 10ft long.

Goodluck on what you go with. Many great kayaks for fishing so I’m sure you will find what your looking for.

Where in Virginia are you fishing
I assume your name implies the state rather than it being your name or the university you attended.

The kayak to recommend will vary greatly with the kind of water you intend to paddle in.

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Hobie Revolution
I fish from a Hobie Revolution. It’s not the latest model of fishing kayak from Hobie, but it’s a good one. I recommend the Revo or equivalent from Hobie because of its stability, durability, performance, and optional accessories. Accessories like the Mirage Drive, sail kit, live well, inflatable stabilizers, and more. It’s a kayak you can grow old with. Start out paddling, like a regular kayak. It tracks well enough without the rudder. When your arms get tired (or you just want to relax and enjoy the scenery), start peddling. If the wind is right, hoist the sail. Want to stand and fish? A few breaths into the inflatables and the kayak is stable enough to stand in. I put a small ice chest behind the seat and sit on it. Very comfortable. The Revo is one tough little beast, too. I’ve been in very rough conditions and felt completely at ease. The Mirage Drive provides constant torque that paddling alone cannot match. You’re always moving forward no matter how windy it gets.

my new fishing kayak
I am the new proud owner of a Malibu Sierra 10. Love this little guy for fishing small lakes, ponds, streams. Great seat, and comes with 2 built in rod holders.

I shopped for a long time for this and for the money I could not even come close. Paid under $600 for it including taxes new!

What kind of water are you wanting to
fish in?

I know it seems like everyone is fishing from a kayak now, and that must mean they are the “best” thing to fish from, but that depends on your waters. For instance, when I fish out in the Gulf, for sharks, mackerel, redfish, etc, I do fish from a kayak, an Ocean Kayak Frenzy. It’s not exactly a fishing kayak per se, but it does far better coming in and out of the surf than many other kayaks that are dedicated fishing yaks.

However, when I fish the bay, I almost always fish from my canoe. Depending on my whim, I still often use a kayak paddle, but in the canoe. Fishing from a canoe gives you more room for gear, more room to fight fish, and more comfort than a kayak. If you are fishing ponds, lakes, and rivers, or protected inlets and coves of a bay, I would suggest canoe over kayak. Fishing in a bigger, rougher body of water, to out in the ocean, go kayak.

too many variables
for a meaningful answer. You need to consider your height and weight, intended waters, intended use, type of fishing, transportation method and intended seasons. Do a search for “kayak Fishing” on the net and you’ll find whole sites dedicated to this topic. One of the first things to consider is if you want a SOT or Sit -in. Both have advantages and followings.

I’m kinda partial
I bought mine two years ago and have enjoyed a lot everytime I use it. I have a preceptions Caster 12.5’fishing SOT kayak. I bought it from Gander mountain it was under $600.00 and was already set up for fishing w/ rod holders and so on. You just can’t beat the fun fishing from it, the places you can go that others can not. Choosing one is going to be what best fits you the water you will be fishing from and your budget. Good luck!!

Fishing Kayaks
Take a look at the “Kayak Buyers Guide” on this site. It should help you narrow your choices.

Have fun…Mike

One boat for everything
If I had to have just one boat I’d get a Tarpon 160. Before I got the Tarpon home I’d buy a good cart. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is anything a Tarpon 160 will not do.

In white water keep the rudder up and use the knee straps to do hard edging and the boat will turn and catch eddies as well as a prospector canoe.

Check out
the new Jackson Coosa. This kayak is built from the groud up specifically for river fishing. It will be in stores this November.