Fishing lures

What lures are you using? Anybody try these? or

Well, les’see
Adams Irrestible


Elk hair caddis

Bead head pheasent tail


Various nymph and emergers


Those are the basics along with some streamers and terrestial patterns in late summer and fall.

mostly depends on …
… what species of fish is being hunted , where the fishing is done and what time of year .

Beetle spin
I have had real good luck using a beetle spin with a dark purple worm body and a lime green twister tail. I have caught Bass, crappie, Bluegill, Catfish and White bass. It has worked really good in the shallows in the evenings. But like all things some days they work great and some they don’t.

works of art
Those pierson plugs look likes work of art. Wonder how well the work. Might be interested in ordering one or two to try them out.

Why not try them as the worst thing that happens is I add it to the don’t work pile. lol

The OP did what he meant to do.
He caught at least one fisherman.

It’s a spam post. First time poster and he’s directing us to a site that sells lures.

Doesn’t mean they’re not good plugs, but I’m surprised that the site isn’t better moderated to keep free advertising like that erased given that there are paying advertisers.

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