Fishing PFD's

Any advice on getting a purpose-made fishing pfd?

Just got a Castaway for fishing and thought a fishing pfd may make things easier.

Take a look at these:

Probably be my next PFD…

These are nice, too

I use auto inflate so if I crack my head, I still have a chance. I like them because they have no bulk until the co2 is discharged. They don’t get in the way of my arms, or get hung up on gear.

They can get wet from spray. They won’t go off.

The marine police all wear these, too.

My choices…
Like SRR, I have my eye on the Osprey as a winter PFD. It’ll be on my birthday list.

In the summer I wear an manually inflatable belt pack. Re-arming kit is $12-$15.

NOTE I fish VERY shallow marshes where the likelyhood of any collision or other catastropy is very minimal. At work we wear the Mustang auto-inflatables. The re-arming kit is about $60.