Fishing pics from last week...

The wind finally let up so I put away the windsurfing gear and hauled out the surf kayak. Spent a few hours on the water and took a few photos. The fishing was OK…but the relaxation was priceless! Love it out there…

Here are the pics (link is safe):

Hope everyone else is having a great spring…


Looks great.
Like they say, a bad day of fishing still beats a good day at work.

How’s the Kaos for fishing?
Hear its good for the waves. Great pics as usual. Good to see you having fun.

The Kaos is “OK” for fishing…but I’m looking to get something bigger and more appropriate. The worst part, of course, is lack of dry storage. There is that little compartment on the back deck that I put some hooks, leaders, wire cutters & a knife in. And opening that hatch you risk catching a wave over the stern and swamping yourself…lol…so it is best attempted only when the seas are calm. At only a bit over 9’ long though there is no question you are going to get pretty wet in it. It is also slow for trolling while paddling.

If I had more storage space at home I’d get a dedicated fishing kayak…I just don’t have any more room for toys under my deck… /grin/

The Malibu Mini-x is good in the surf
fun to paddle, and short. Not as much fun or as good in the surf as the Kaos.