Fishing pics..Myrtle Beach / Wilmington.

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Some pictures I took last week while fishing from my kayak in Myrtle Beach and Wilmington...

Lots of fun..

PS - If you can identify what type of sharks those are..I'd be interested to know. I'm thinking sandbar shark or perhaps thresher?


No clue on the shark, but …
GREAT report. :slight_smile:

Very cool
Looks like fun. I’ve recently had an invitation for my second ever salt-water kayak fishing trip. Some folks want to chase big drum in the Chesapeake. The big drum can get REAL big, so I may need air support to get back to shore…

The upper extension on a thresher sharks tail is almost half the length of it’s body. I couldn’t see how long the tail extended based on the pics. That said, I’m miserable at fish identification, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Big D

Thanks guys…

I’ve definitely ruled out thresher shark…one of the other posters in the forum suggested a “Sharp Nose Shark”…and when I looked it up…it seems to match pretty good. The biggest they get is 4’ and they frequent the waters of the Carolinas…

Good luck on your trip Big D… :slight_smile:



Thats an Atlantic Sharpnose… common in the gulf and up the coast. I catch bunches of them every year when I go down to the gulf. Usually 2-4 feet. They commonly feed in the surf zone and their only (or most common) preditor is bigger sharks.

Nice Pics!

The week after you
were there our family went. While we did not fish out of our Kyaks we did catch a lot of sharks. We also saw a lot of big Rays. It was cool to see them ghost thru the water. What kind of bait were you using?