Fishing Pole?

I’m looking for a new fishing pole. Most of my fishing is for smallmouths or trout out of my canoe. I’m looking for a one piece spinning rod, medium-light to medium action. Majority of the tackle I use is artificial. I would like to keep the price between 40 & 60 bucks. Any suggestions?

Send your minds

I do not often use spinning gear but… I really like the bionic blade bass pro rods I own. They go on sale for 49 bucks rather often. One thing I do to get good rods is go to wallyworld or miejer. Most of the time the people there have no clue what they are talking about. They will missmark high end rods down with the cheap ones because they are short or the same color. I have gotten plenty of good rods for 10 or 15 bucks out there including an Allstar.

I can highly recommend Fenwick Venture Rods. I’ve caught hundreds of smallies and largemouths on mine. Even caught a 26" northern pike out of the 'yak last year with this pole. It is Wal Mart’s top of the line rod–approximately $50. Good luck with the smallies–I’m headed out tomorrow AM!


my rod man
get Tim to build you a custom rod… or

Lightning rods are great and not much green.Good luck!

I have Two Pro Bass IM6 For Sale
Hello-I have aquired two Pro Bass IM6 Graphite Med HVY action 1/8-3/4 oz lure wt 10-20 lb line 4g in new like condition. Has a cork casting handle and grip…I am going to put them for sale on Ebay for around 20 a piece for them or 30 for both not including shipping. If your interested I can send you pictures. I don’t prefer one piece poles and do not have the reel that goes with these. I prefer open cast reels…Thanks Cheri

Ugly Stick
5’-6" one piece medium action. 6-14# test line and still responsive enough to fish plastics weightless.

I’ve landed small (5-7#) stripers and bass up to 4#. I like the compact length for fishing from my canoes.

I also have a 5’ ugly stik ultra-light, string it with 6# fluorocarbon which is the same diameter as 3# mono (pretty close) and it’ll land 3 and 4# fish without breaking off.


I don’t own any one-piece spinning rods. I have yet to find the perfect smallmouth/trout rod. It always seems like the smallmouth rod is too heavy for trout, and the trout rod is too light for smallmouth.

If I had to compromise on one rod, I would look for a 6-foot, medium action graphite/fiberglass composite. There has to be some bend for casting lighter lures or live bait, and some backbone for bringing in a hard-fighting smallie.

Right now I use a light 5’6" Berkley fiberglass rod for throwing spinners and spoons for stream and small-river trout. A 6’ Shakespeare (cheap! darned cheap!) composite rod is used for tiny crankbaits, jigs, and Rapalas (aka, “light stuff”). And a 6’0 casting rod for plastic worms and heavier crankbaits. I’m finally able to cast some pretty light lures on the baitcasting rod, but it still invites a backlash in a headwind or when I get careless.

For a long time I used a 6’6" Quantum two-piece composite and a high-speed Mitchell 400 reel for smallmouth. I still have it, but I’ve standardized on bringing two rods to fit varying conditions.

So, now that I haven’t answered your question at all…please throw appropriate spoiled bait. No pork rind, please.

I have just purchased a medium action shimano spinning reel and rod set up at walmart for $20. I have been using this rod for catching bass and many other types of fish. its not too expensive and it works great. Dan

for the input. I decided and went with the Berkley Cherry Wood. It’s a one piece 6’ Graphite/Fiberglass med. action. I got it at Dick’s for $20. It seems to be working great for me. On my last 2 floats I was able to boat trout, smallies, walley, and one big ugly carp. This was a done with my new pole and one baby trout Rappala.

Thanks again.

It’s not a one piece and it’s not medium action, but, it’s a helluva rod. I use an ultralight Eagle Claw X-Stream. I catch, largemouth, smallmouth and trout on it. The bass are a challenge and even small trout feel pretty big.

Of course the ultimate is a 5 wt. flyrod, but that wasn’t what you asked.

where to buy
I get most of my fishing gear from

cheap and decent quality, and they almost always have something on sale.