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What is the farthest any one has paddled offshore to fish

Offshore, where?
Not to set off debate over biggest and baddest, but anywhere you can drown is far enough. I’ve been a mile out on Lake Michigan, which, since you can’t see across it, qualifies as a small freshwater sea. It was worth the view and the pictures, but not the fishing!

I’ve heard…
that some of those boyz out in California get towed as much as two miles offshore by the thresher sharks they target. Loco in da cabeza if you ask me.

I’d assume it’s the same goes for the boyz in Fla. fishing for Tarpon.

Dennis Spike’s website might have some fishing reports where he gets kinda far out. Tried there?

How you liking that new SOT? Catching any fish?

more, possibly a lot more!

Think of the Inuits, the Eskimos of Alaska and Canada East & West, and those of Greenland, the Native Americans of the Great Northwest, the Pacific Islanders, the small fishing operations of Noufoundland and Nova Scotia and New England…

They probably ended up well offshore -they HAD to, it was their business, it was their survival. And they all paddled -or rowed.

But around here…? I know of some folks who just plain paddle 20-30 miles “offshore” into the Gulf/Florida Bay on crossings, and I know of a number of kayakers who’ve paddled perhaps 5 miles out to the Keys reefs.

ANd like the prior poster observed, you get into a tarpon, & who knows…? Those fish can go 200+, 100 pounders are pretty common, and 50-pounders are considered small. I know of one tale of a group of guys near Naples, fishing off the beach. One of them hooks into a poon, and it starts pulling him out to sea in the Gulf. Slowly, steadily, inexorably, almost like the fellow and the yak either weren’t there, or it didn’t matter… Finally, after getting maybe a mile and a half out, with a glorious Gulf sunset in the making, an empty stomach complaining, and his buds back on the beach hitting the air horns and whistles, the guy cuts the fish off…

Now, with a big one like THAT, there’s a good reason to NOT

“Paddle On”!

-Frank in Miami

Went to Bay St. Louis last Thursday
Yak-a-Lou, last Thursday, I went for the fist full day of fishing since I ran into you at Academy. I went to the La France Marina and fished the canal from there to Heron Bay on Lake Borgne. Caught the tide going out and drifted using popping cork and live shrimp. The first hour or 2, I only caught about four specks. Then I came to where Redfish Bayou and Cambell Bayou intersect with the canal. From there on south it was nonstop action. I lost count somewhere over 40. I only managed 8 that were over 14", but would have easily had my limit in Louisiana with lots of 13-13.75" fish. I had a blast and the eXtreme is great. As big as I am I can easily sit side saddle and not even come close to tipping over. It is very stable and the built-in livewell is great. Not only does it keep a large population of shrimp alive, it doubles as a great high-back seat. The rear well easily handles a 48-quart cooler to keep your fish in. I stayed on the Kayak from 8:00 to 3:00 with no problems.

Check THIS out:;act=ST;f=1;t=275

Dunno how far off thet went to get these fellows, but you know what -I really don’t care! Look at the size of that poon!

Makes you really want to get oput there with your gear and

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Good deal! Sounds GREAT. Looks like you found an excellent set-up for you. I’m totally jealous that you found trout in such numbers. I’ve yet to do that from the yak. I pick up a stray trout here or there but redfish are my mainstay. I know… you’d never know that from the day we fished together. I’m still embarassed. ;o)

Oh yea… Authur Hebert, I’m told, crosses Lake Ponchartrain (36-38 miles) with some regularity. Does that count as “out to sea”? He and Dr. Keonig “circumnavigated” the Gulf of Mexico in a two phase trip withing the past year or so but they skipped the Yucatan to Cuba portion so I guess they didn’t get far out to sea. It’s still a great story… Read about it here:

Some kind of nut !
Was on a party boat off Shewsbury rocks on Jersey shore back in September, about 3 miles offshore, Some nut was out there in a kayak fishing alone.