Fishing report

What’s up people? Is anybody out fishing?

My original plan was to kayak fish the Yough River

(western pa.) today but i had a slight change of plans. It’s been quite windy here during the day the last few days. I decided to get an early start and wade fish. Caught white bass, smallmouth, sauger and a nice rainbow trout. All released unharmed. All in all a good and relaxing day. Weather is supposed to be about the same tomorrow. Maybe i can do a repeat.

What’s everybody up to?

Considering its been 98 the last two
days and more of the same is expected, looks like and early/late pattern or night fishing is in store here in SE Texas.

Lots of wind and rain
lately. Rivers are up and muddy so wade fishing is not so hot. Today is supposed to be intermittent rain/wind so I will try the protected shores of a local lake.

Too much work…
Not enough fishing lately.

I’m a redfish fanatic. Sept, Oct & Nov are my favorite months.

Been out targetting Cobia…
So far 6 break offs on 17 lb test, one a Bite through of 80 lb leader. (Thought it was 100 lb, but just realized today, while making new leaders, it was ONLY 80…)

Going to have to upgrade to 30 lb braided I think. Catch lots of Stingrays, Bonnethead Sharks and Atlantic Sharpnose when targetting Cobia.


Like Yak-a-Lou…
…too much work, too little fishing lately. I can see how a person could get addicted to Redfish, hardest fighting fish I’ve had the pleasure of catching! Did get out Friday and caught a few trout, got this one pic when I had one near the boat. WW

Here in the Chesapeake and at the mouth of the Patuxent River. They’re running between 14 and 18 inches, lots of fun on an ultralight with 4lb test.

Keep those croakers, good eating fish.

Too late…
cooked them when I got home. Anyone tried crabbing?

Everytime I go out… I add them to
my catch. Sometimes throw my shrimp net from my kayak too. Mmmmmm.


Twin Cities, MN
Had a cold front come through a few days ago. Supposed to warm up quickly = strong winds. Hoping to go Saturday but prepared for the wind cause it is supposed to be 92, was 65 a couple of days ago. Largemouth bass had been going good up until the cold front. A couple of weeks ago I went out on a friday evening and got 8 (largest was 3lbs.) Bass fishing starts late here (open season started Memorial weekend) so haven’t got much fishing in yet this year.