fishing rod holders

I just picked up a used victory class 12 from a good buddy of mine. what im looking for is a fishing rod holder that swivels, that i can put on and take off if i choose to, any know where i can get one? thanks


The best are probably the Scotty’s and
Ram’s. Some use Berkely, but I’ve no experience with them. Tite-lok and Driftmaster are two metal rod holders that are popular among some. A whole herd of flyfishermen swear by them on, but I have one and don’t care for it, much prefer my Scotty rod holders.

I use the compact Berkley’s
on both of my Loons. The Scottys (to my way of thinking) are bulky, require more wrist motion to use (difficult with crapel tunnel or arthritus[both of which I have a touch of]) and if not mounted or positioned properly, can interfer with your paddle stroke. The Berkleys can too, but they are lower profile than the Scottys and don’t have so many limited mounting options. The only thing with the Berkelys you need to be aware of is that you need to use/install a back up retention system, like small bungee cords or such to secure rods in the holders. Since removing a rod out of the Berkley is a straight pickup/slide out motion, they WILL, quite on their own, exit the holder in water bigger than a class 1 (I fish mostly rivers). The Scottys DO have their own retention system as part of the design, so they do have ‘that’ going for them…which is nice. Finally is price: Scottys retail for about 25.00 each…Berkelys go for 13.00 each

My .02 worth

I think all that depends on which Scotty
you get. The baitcaster/spinning reel holders I use are made for freshwater and inshore rods and aren’t bulky. I also use a flush mount instead of the bulky mount that comes with the rod holder…about $10 more, but worth it unless you are adverse to drilling holes in your kayak. The Scotty’s are very adjustable and, as for cost, I paid $14.95 for mine at Academy Sporting Goods…may not be one in your area, most of the stores are in Texas and nearby states and they don’t do internet sales, yet. I looked at the Berkeley’s at Gander Mountain (don’t much care for that store, overpriced) and didn’t like them as much as the Scotty’s. But, then, some really love Tite-loks. I have one, but only use it because it came with the kayak.

How do you avoid drilling?
No matter what you install you’ve got to at least drill holes for the bolts. I’m currently shopping around for rod holders for my recyaks. I like the flush mounts for the Scotty’s but hate paying extra for them over the already pricey mounts. I wish they would offer alternative packaging of the rod holders with either the standard mounts or the flush mounts. That way you could get your preferred mount without being left with a mount you don’t need.


Cabelas gives you a choice.

Rod Holders
I don’t have a clue what kind of boat that is that your putting them on but check out these holders at Piragis in Ely,Mn.,370.htm We’ve been using these for 5 years and they work great for trolling,they can be adjusted up and down and side to side,the only thing they need is to dip the clamp part into liquid rubber and they hold 100% better to the side of the boat.

Don’t know where you buy your Scotty’s
but bought one at a local sporting goods store for $15, not too pricey. Also, Bass Pro sells the rectangular flush mounts for $10. If cabela’s gives you a choice, that may be the place to go. Canoe/kayak shops can be expensive for that kind of accessory. Did have one installed on my other kayak and the rodholder cost me $40, but they gave me a mount choice and installed it for me for $5…would have had to pay that for the drill bit and screws…more if I bought a rivet gun and rivets.

fishing rod holders
Get a Ram rod holder. The Ram is adjustable 360 degrees and up and down because it uses two spheres and a connecting sleve. Check out

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