fishing rod storage rack from pvc?

Anyone build on of these or have plans for one?

I want to build on for about 6 rods.

for my garage

Use wood
I used a scrap piece of 2x4. Cut 2 short pieces for the legs, lay them skinny side down. Put the remaining piece of wood on top broad side down. Nail them together. Drill out 1-1.5" holes for the rod butts to fit in. Mine holds 8 rods in about 4 feet of space. Beats cramming them in a pickle bucket.

Fly fishermen out west
Often have them attached to the roof of their cars. Simple 1" PVC (Larger if other rods styles than fly-rod of course, due to large first eyelets.), attached to the car roof rack with bungee cords…End with reel cut open (Approximately 4" long section cut accross diameter) to accomodate reel, and small bungee straps to hold rod/reel by reel seat into PVC tube.

Fishing Rod Storage From PVC

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Go into the Bass Pro Shops website and search under PVC Rod Rack. You will get to a picture of a free standing PVC rod rack made to accomodate about 10 rods.
The picture on the website shows a lot of detail, looks like it is a real simple design, and if you are good at working with PVC you could duplicate it with out any problem.
You would need inch and a quarter PVC pipe which has the inside diameter necessary for the butt end of most rods, and the requisit number of "T" fittings, and 90 degree elbows to fit inch and a quarter PVC pipe. Hard to say how many feet of the PVC pipe you would need but PVC pipe is very inexpensive as compared to the cost of the "T" fittings and 90 degree elbows. Your total investment in PVC pipe, "T" fittings, 90 degree elbows, and PVC cement could be close to $30 to duplicate the rack on the website. The price for the rack on the website is $30.
Make it or buy it, your choice.

Rod holder
I built one with my father. We took a piece of 1x4 wood about 12 feet long and put a 12" piece of PVC about every 6" onto the board. We had drilled holes in the PVC so it would be easy to use a screwdriver to attach the PVC to the wood. Also, we then screwed the entire board into the wall of the garage. Has been working great for 15 years, and cost about $15.