fishing rods - how many

Nice selection of rods!!! I’m pretty fond of those TFO and Reddington rods.

Number of rods
I thought of this question while out in the garage this weekend so I counted them. I have twenty and some have not been fished with in years. My wife has been cleaning out some of her sewing stuff and mentioned the unthinkable, " maybe you can get rid of some of those fishing rods; I’m getting rid of my some of my sewing crap." Well, she can go ahead and unload all she wants, as for me I’m thinking of bying a new rod already.

Just added another to my collection.
When fishing last week, I snagged a 12 foot Bucks jigging pole with a small Zebco closed face reel on it. Not really my style of fishing, but now I’m thinking about jig fishing for a few crappie.