fishing rods - how many

Alright, fess up, how many fishing rods to you own. Probably way too many. I just counted mine and there were 19. A couple of fly rods, a cane pole, 9 closed face spin casting and 7 spinning varying from medium to ultralight. From 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet (fly rods longer). How I ever ended up with that many is beyond me. Most don’t get used. I’ve got one favorite spinning rod I use a lot and an ultralight spinning and a fly rod I use some.

I have 10, including a couple of salt
water rods, a spinning rod I made out of a Fenwick fiberglas fly rod blank over 25 years ago (it was a 9 wt for saltwater speckled trout (weakfish). I’ve got several spinning rods, a few baitcasting rod, and a 6wt fly rod I use for catching bluegill and bass. But, I usually only take the fly rod and an ultralight spinning rig with 6lb test line out in my kayak.

I’m afraid to count
that way i won’t have to lie to my wife when i say “I don’t know honey”. But i can tell you i have enough tackle that would rival any charter skipper.

Well, a sporting goods store is going out of business near me so the number is climbing. Off hand I own

5 5.5 foot casting rods for river fishing

3 ultralight spinning rods

2 6 foot spinning rods

2 6.5 foot spinning rods

6 6 foot casting rods

1 6 foot 3 inch casting rod

7 6.5 foot casting rods

2 7 foot casting rods

3 fly rods

That looks like it comes to 31 but it does not count the couple old rods I am giving to a charity in a few weeks and the halves I find in the river and strip for their cork and guides. Heck there are probably a few I have forgotten about up there too. Wow, I really had not thought about how many I actually own for a while.

These are the ones I actually USE!

In the canoe on any trip for smallmouths, I carry:

5 foot baitcasting rod (and I just broke this one today…bummer. Will have to make another, since finding a 5 foot rod is next to impossible.)

2 5.5 foot baitcasting rods

5.5 foot spinning rod

6 foot spinning rod

For reservoir bass fishing:

7 foot crankbait rod

7 foot flipping stick

6 foot spinnerbait rod

5.5 foot rod for topwater

another 5.5 foot rod for whatever

(I’ll also carry the two river spinning rods on the reservoirs)

For general rough fish and catfish:

2 heavy duty spincasting rods

For panfish:

2 ultralight spinning rods

For flyfishing:

2 4 weight rods

a 5 wt.

a 6 wt.

an 8 wt.

Other than those, I have several that have been retired or saved to salvage parts from, and I have several antique casting rods.

I just got a fly rod. A buddy of mine got telescoping flyrods on line for $1.25 a piece. They are 6 feet long and of unknown weight. I will probably put and old spinning reel on it and stick it under the carseat. 32!!

Too many
My father and I have been fishing partners for my entire 30 years, so between the two of us we own around 100 rods and reels. However, in our defense, we do everything from freshwater spin fishing, fly fishing, SW fly fishing, SW spin fishing, surf casting, conventional for everything from flounder through shark, etc. Plus, we need backups, travel kits, extras for company, and we can’t stop garage saleing for good deals. I just bought another frozen Penn jigmaster for $0.50 on Friday, and by Sunday it was catching fluke.

I’m down to a dozen
My main reason for replying is rod types and length. I’ve got five of nine feet or longer and a couple more 8.5’. Light salmon and steelhead river rod 10.5’, heavy salmon up to halibut rod 9’, surf rod 10’, plus two nine foot fly rods, one a six weight for trout and the other a ten weight for salmon. Even my shortest rod is 7 feet long, a light trout spinning rod I’ve used mainly on walleye and pike up to 20 lbs., plus a few sockeye on it for fun. In the middle are a couple of 8.5’ spin rods for steelhead, etc. Oops, just remembered a 6.5 foot light spinning rod I picked up for grandkids, plus a garage sale Zebco rod & reel also for grandkids. That makes 14 without actually going out to the garage and counting. The Zebco is the only closed face reel. Open faced spin reels, baitcasting, single action fly reels and one Australian Alvey casting reel. You can tell I’m not in the midwest.

Not sure, let’s see
2 fly rods

6 baitcast rods

6 spinning rods

5 surf rods (various)

2 + 6 + 6 + 5 = 17

That seems light. I must have missed a couple when I thought through the rods.

  • Big D

2 rods/1 reel
My recently purchased Penn Slammer (7’, 50#, heavy action)turned out to be a good jigging rod for whatever groundfishing I do with my 345gti reel; for kayakfishing-live bait trolling, it does not give/bend enough so I switch to my old Tica Snagging King that cost me half as much. Though the Tica is rated 80 # it actually has lighter action than the Penn.

9 total not counting my son’s spin-cast
6 baitcasters (abu garcia’s)

  • 5500
  • 6000
  • 2-6500’s
  • 2-7000’s

    3 spinning reels
  • diawa regal z
  • mitchell ultra lite
  • quantum catalyst PTi

    all mounted to shakespeare ugly stik rods in various actions.

I guess no broken rod tips for you.

Mark, you have just asked for “Top
Secret Burn Before the Wife Reads” information. Are you cleared for access to this? Are you willing to sign the “Death befor Disclosure” agreement? Advise. Penalty for inadvertent disclosure is a torpedoed yak. See, I knew it was TMI. :slight_smile:

How many
I have just enough.

2 ultra lite spinners(1 mine,1 the misses)

2 baitcasters.Loomis,Daiwas.

4 flyrods .One T&T,three loomis glx’s,had a four

weight for sale on FF sites no bites.

Too many
Yet it seems I’m always one short of having exactly what I want.

Today, I added a new ultralight
7 foot rod for panfishing (bluegill and crappie) and a four piece 5 wt fly rod to my collection. Gotta stay out of Bass Pro Shops, but I was passing by and it was there, so…

Down quite a few
Well, I moved out of my folks house recently, and decided to take the rods that are definately mine. I ended up with around 40 rods. My wife said no way, you don’t use all of them. I agree, we are tight on space, so I offered my Dad whatever he wanted, and sold off the rest I don’t need. I’m down to a much more manageable amount of 16. I’ll build again soon, you can never have enough gear. My Dad figures he’s married for 37 years and can have as many as he wants!

Never enough I guess
Each one I get is going to be the magic roud that lands the trophy. I currently have 19 in my stable. 8 spinning rods, 4 baitcasters, and 7 fly rods. I mostly use the fly rods, but when conditions aren’t right for that I use the baitcasters then the spinners.

3 - 6 weight fly rods

4 - 7 weight fly rods

4 - 8 weight fly rods

2 - 9 weight fly rods

2 - 10 weight fly rods

2 - 10 weight spey rods

8 - steelhead casting rods

3 - salmon drift rods

1 - striper casting rod

6 - utralight trout spinning rods

Most of my fly rods and all my salmon and steelhead rods were made from kits, so they cost me about half what a finished rod would have cost. Plus, I have given several fly rods to grandkids in the last year. You can never have too many. Fishing is just like golf, you wouldn’t play with just one club would you?

Don’t point
it out to my wife but…

4wt Elkhorn

5wt Loomis, GL2

6wt Orvis T3

7wt Albright

8wt Orvis T3

9wt Reddington

10wt Temple Forks

Every Tica from 7ft -11.5ft including 2 7’ and 2 8’.

2 Loomis 7ft.

Every one is used regularly.

I may need help.