Fishing/rowing setup


Read a posting by “metalhead” re a rowing/canoe setup that I would REALLY like to know more about, for a variety of reasons! My eMail address is attached, and my phone #. If you would be willing to visit on this, I will call you on my nickle (if you’ll send a #…) or recall you on my nickle if you will contact me at 325-347-0151. I

enjoy rowing very much (weird, from a Southerner, I know…), and have had some great handmade rowing rigs, but no more. Wanting to rig a canoe for such. Fishing is why I get on the water. Rather than eat food, just about! LOL! Hope to hear from you, or like-minded party(s), if possible. Thanks, Peter (Ibachser)

Rowing Setup
I don’t know what rowing setup that “meathead” was referring to, but you can find one on Spring Creek’s website (see Buyer’s Guide/Accessories/Boat Accessories/Rowing). They also have stabilizers for canoes that work well with the rowing outfit. Hope this helps.


Rowing System
Hello Dave,

Did you have a question about my rowing method? Its always great to hear from a fellow fisherman. I have seen the rowing setup that you mentioned and have even been sent one of their booklets. It appears to be costly and cumbersome to put on and take off. By the way, Metalhead is the brand name of my pram (small driftboat used for salmon and steelhead fishing on Northcoast rivers). I know you were probably smiling when you called it a meathead, right?

If you really like to row, you might want to check out an Adirondack Guideboat. I’ve demoed them a couple of times and been very impressed.