Fishing Tourney

-- Last Updated: Oct-06-09 4:06 PM EST --

I outfitted my Mojo Angler with stabilizers and fabricated my own oarlock brackets. Headed up north this weekend to row troll for muskies in The Midwest Musky Classic.

10/6/09 I took second place with a 47 1/2" muskie what a rush.How do I insert pics?

Good luck… I expect pictures and a
full story when you get back.


Well done
Rowing a kayak to troll for muskies - brilliant. Second place! Even better.

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How in the world do you land it?
A fish that big would be difficult to land. How did you do it? What kinda lure did you use and how long did you troll before he hit it?

Great job! I can’t wait to see the pics.


I don’t think you can
But you can insert a link to picassa or another web site with the pictures. I’d love to see a pic of the boat, your rowing set up and the fish!