Fishing Wateree River July 26th

Please join some of us from at the baitshop just below the Wateree Dam to fish the Wateree river on 26 July at around 8-8:30 a.m. We are going to fish from below the dam to US-1, about a twelve mile trip. Kayaks are available for rent at the baitshop. Looking forward to fishing with you.


Thanks for the invite, 1000 miles is a
bit beyond the scope of driving I want to do, but wouldn’t mind fishing that part of the country again.

1000 miles

If you find yourself out this way again, look us up at

We’ll reacquaint you with the water here.


Lived in Greenville for 3 years, but
only took my canoe out one time. Did a bit of wade fishing for trout and anything else that would bite.

Always welcome
If you ever get back out this way, I am sure we can hook you up with someone in that area. That group is sponsoring a kayakfishing (canoe’s welcome) tournament in October.

Where are you now?