Fishing with stabilizers

When I fish i like to take all of my gear and i also like to stand up. I would hate to lose my gear while attempting to stand up in a canoe. I know most of you do not like stabilizers; but, will they allow me to stay dry while i stand in my canoe, fish from the canoe, and have a trolling motor on a motor mount? Thanks.

Best bet
is to tether your gear in the event you do roll over.Outriggers will certainly aid stability but I dont care for them.What canoe are you paddeling or planning to buy?Many dont need outriggers for standing as they have plenty enough stability for that to start with.

Stabilizers have there place, but for me
the commercial ones are too much of an investment for the return. You should do fine standing in the canoe with stabilizers. Haven’t used them, but have plenty of pictures with guys standing and fly fishing from both canoes and sit inside kayaks with stablilzers. The commercial ones appear to ride out of the water when paddling, dipping into the water if you lean or move around in the craft. Go for it, fishing and floatation is all about being comfortable out on the water and being able to fish the way you want.

I have stabilizers on my Old Time Guide canoe and am very pleased with them. You can adjust them up and in for normal canoeing or out and down for fishing. I pop them on right before launch and pull them off before transport, easy on and off. You can move them forward or rearward depending if you are alone or have someone with you. I don’t go often enough to be real comfortable standing without them, but do enjoy it when time permits.

I’m going to be making my own…
for when i get to my spot and want stand, sit higher, or maybe pole a little. They will get stowed when I’m under way.

My biggest concern is getting the line wrapped around one if a fish decides to zig when I want it to zag.

You may want to check out for examples of homemade stabilizers. Of course, those are mostly for kayaks, but the principal is the same. As far as fish getting tangled up in them, a lot depends on where you place them, I would think.

I speak from experience
when I say that stabilizers help keep me on the water. I’m 63 years old and know that if I were to capsize or fall out of my canoe ( Bell Angler) that it would be almost impossile to re-enter.

I solo most of the time and the stabilizers make it easy for me to move around in the canoe. I stand occasionally to fly fish also. I don’t care what others think about them, for me I won’t leave the dock without them.

Got mine from Spring Creek


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Below are several links to commercial and do it yourself outriggers that you might find helpful. I have a homemade set and while I do not stand while fishing they make the yak pretty bulletproof (wake proof, wave proof, not thinking lean over proof). First one is mine...


canoe and kayak stabilizers i found
check this site out the stabilizers for kayaks and canoe are only $139 plus they can be used with the bracket system $15.00 They work great