Fit by Think Kayak

Eric Nyre is probably the better respondent on your question since he paddles a Rapier 20, I have a Rapier 18, not the same but similar design intent. Volume on the Rapier is less up front than a ski, speed difference is probably negligible. Price will be very different, you can get a Fiberglass ski weighing 36lbs for less than $2k new, Rapier will be a bit heavier and quite a bit pricier.


finally able to paddle Think Fit
Raced it in a local 5 mile race.

Liked the foot pedals better than the Epic V10 Sport, easier to drive through the heels without hitting the rudder. Also liked the sitting position better. My calves did seem to brush the side of the more than I would have liked. Will try the EVO out shortly.

ended up with V10 Sport

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Figured I might as well reply to my own thread...

Ended up with the performance build of the Epic V10 Sport, a year old almost to the day.

Think Fit
I liked the Fit, I think if I were mostly doing river stuff I would have bought it, but since I wanted to do ocean day trips, the combination of tougher remounting along with less volume in the bow had me concerned about how much fun it would be out in the waves.

Think Evo
I really liked everything about the boat...except just where the seat ends, the edge of the boat comes in, and it was a nasty pressure point on both my thighs. Bummer really!

So, for the past year, been paddling a V10S. Slooowlllyy getting faster (ahaha) and slooowwwlllyyy getting more comfortable in larger and larger waves.

Been a blast. Have taken it on day trips with sea kayakers, raced it on rivers, raced it on ocean... Really gotten some use out of it.

While I have a ways to go before I am even close to being at the bottom of the competitive pack in a race, been a blast paddling it, and having fun learning to race along with just being out on the water with just a responsive boat.