Fit by Think Kayak

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Anybody have one yet?

Interesting combo of surfski interior with self-draining system combined with the ability to use a spray skirt.

looks interesting
basically a k1 trainer with surfski style pedals and venturis. sort of a scaled down mohican, in some ways. i would say that re-entering would be the challenge- doable, but definitely harder than in a ski.

think is making nice boats. i paddled an evo in the surfski champs last year.

they’re chinese, by the way- anyone want to talk about how all chinese boats are crap?


hmm, re-entry would be tougher
Hadn’t thought too much about it, but compared to a full-on surfski, it does appear that it would be much tougher.

Basically going to try all the race kayaks the local shop has in informal races these next couple of weeks. As a beginner and on the heavier side, the Fit was on the list. They have the evo as well, and of course the Epic V10 Sport. Also on the list were a few traditional kayaks.

Saw my first surfski up close at a race last Sunday, and it looked like a blast. Also would let me get out in the ocean during the summer around here.

Looking forward to trying some of them out soon, curious how tippy they are going to feel, and how many times I will go over, hehe.

Chiming In
Once you go surfski, you don’t go back. :wink: (Sweeping generality, assuming you stick out the learning curve…) Give them a go. I rarely paddle my SINK anymore-the ski is just pure fun. Plus, if you fall off, you just clamber back on again. The only thing you might want to consider is the understern rudder for where you paddle in the Charles; it can mighty low, as we experienced in the ROTC. Here, a kick up rudder would be of benefit.

I’m with Trilobite02
Once you go ski, you won’t look back. I have the Think Evo in Kevlar and an Epic V10 Sport (value).

The Evo’s fit and finish is awesome. The seating is unbelievably comfortable. It is faster than my Sport (a buddy of mine who does a lot of racing felt the Evo split the speed difference between his Mako 6 and the Sport). I think the Sport picks up waves better.

The Evo has a tether between your legs to tie a paddle leash (thoughtful touch). I use it to anchor my water bladder.

The Think comes with a six inch rudder, the Epic an eight inch rudder. I have ordered Think’s eight inch replacement rudder. They are both stable (in a surf ski kind of way).

Give the Evo a try too. I think you will be delighted. It is easy to re-mount and a lot of fun.

Good luck!


Ps. Not sure the Evo Kevlar boat’s extra cost is worth it. It’s not that much lighter than their fiberglass boat.


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I'm on a relay team for the ROTC. The last section has some rocky bottom fast water areas. Seeing some of the pro boats go through, can't imagine what it would be like to bump those along the rocks...especially with an understern rudder...ack.

The Fit has the option for a kick-up rudder, which would be nice in certain areas on the Charles. That and the fact it looks like it has a day hatch and would fit in the garage.

Definitely will be renting through this season so I'll be able to try a few out (including the Evo) in flatwater race conditions, will be interesting to see how I do.

Nice bonus to these skis would appear that I could participate in a number of sea kayak day tours of the area, along with flatwater racing.

5/28 will be when I race, although I might try to sneak in a visit this weekend just try them out.

Thanks for all the tips. Excited to be able to pour on the power and not throw up a wake a surfskier could surf on, hehe.

Fit and spray skirts
in cold water/weather, the skirt option looks like a great idea. so is the boat rollable as well with the skirt on? seems to be the better option to climbing back in after a capsize…

don’t think there is
There’s no knee bracing, same interior as the EVO, just with a lip, at least that’s what I can tell from the photos and my limited kayak experience.

So while it would help keeping out water by using a skirt, looks like it might be tougher getting back in once you do go over.

Think Fit
I had the opportunity to test paddle both the Fit and the Evo. I am no expert and it was windy and choppy that day, however I managed to stay upright in both boats. They are tippier than I am used to, certainly less stable than my old Futura II. Both are very nice boats. The Fit is still on my short list if the EFT that I have on order does not work out.

tell me more

Curious about the differences you felt between the fit and evo, how well they handled, accelerated, comfort, blahblah.

ROTC and Understerns
Yes, it was a rocky one this year; felt like suckwater all the way. I had just converted my EFT to understern and was too lazy to convert it back to kick up prior to. Mistake. Bent my 4" rudder, but luckily no boat damage and was able to tweak it back in the shop. A few folks did the same-friends snapped theirs off completely on their K-2. The Charles can get shallow.

Another option might be to find a ski that can accept both, if you think you might be doing a mixture of river and ocean. My Huki S1-R changes over in about a minute flat, but I chose not to race it at the ROTC because of its lightweight carbon layup, and it’s difficult to carry for the portages. Epic has an epoxy-on mount for a kickup rudder also; the cables will piggyback onto the steering yoke a la the Huki design.

I think you’ll find the 19’ x 19" skis quite stable. Hear good things about the Evo but haven’t tried one. Franklin, glad to hear you’re enjoying yours. The extra measure of speed and comfort are the two things I’ve heard about this ski. Sell Beanboy your fg V10 Sport, he’ll epoxy on the kickup rudder, and you can deliver it up north here and come paddling with us. :wink:


in aluminum canoe at the ROTC

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Was getting some interesting noises over the shallow areas, hehe.

Will be trying out the V10 Sport and Think Fit over the next week, really curious now about how they feel, and how well I'll do in the informal five miler in one against others with race boats versus my Manitou 13, hehe. I was able to get the Manitou up to 4.22 mph for 3 miles without too much trouble, but that was right after a 5K road race. Curious what the same amount of effort will bring with a surfski!

ski demos
You’ll be hooked :smiley:

have fun!

4.22 mph
the ski will do that sitting on the beach. it’ll do that upside down, after you’ve fallen off.



tell me more (Think Fit vs Evo)
My paddling skills require calmer conditions than we had that day. It was all I could do to stay upright in either boat. They felt about the same stability-wise to me, though I am sure the Fit is more stable than the Evo. Sorry I don’t have more feedback. I would like to try both boats again in a more sedate setting.

Hi Trilobite02
Would love to sell the Sport, drive up and paddle with you guys.

Two problems; diesel is $4.75 a gallon (holly cr#p) and I know how fast you guys are. I am happy being a small fish in a smaller pond!

Even when you know you are fat and ugly, you are happy when people tell you how skinny and good looking you are…nice to live the lie!

If I come up someday, I will bring my ski rope.


Hi Marvin

Don’t sweat it! You will get used to it. After a while it won’t be bad at all! I am an intermediate paddler and when I hear the wind is blowing, I can’t wait to take the ski out. They really scoot in the waves. TONS OF FUN


Im sorry
Netzero was not capable of loading the site.

was on an epic 18x
All of the skis were rented, a boo…

Dumped it in a tight corner during the race (around bridge piling) was fine otherwise.

Realized how tippy narrow kayaks can be.

Going to head back next Wednesday and try to reserve a ski beforehand…

Rapier 20
has similar dimensions to a ski. is it in a similar league in terms of speed and performance?

20 by 17.25

Fit Evo

20.6 by 19