Fit out of canoe

Now that I’m almost finished restoring the Summersong, I want to get ideas for fitting it out with minicell, tie downs etc. Anything that anyone can suggest and with photo’s if possible.




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For inspiration, see

Sometimes you just have to take your hat off to the masters and say: that's raised the bar.

Not sure if you can buy just the outfitting though: those seats might only come with a canoe attached :)

Here’ be some idees

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Ah'll look fer more stuff in me collection.


or if you really want

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to get serious, fergit FE and take a lessoon ferm de pro.
2 gallons of 3m5300, one thwart removal tool, a football, 2 pavers and 6 cubic feet of minicell, combined with the desire to revamp your boat in under 5 minutes (we did 6 in 30 so do the math ;-)) and you should be the envy of any fleet.

Andreas! Git yerself…

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a nice Cook's Custom Sewing kneelin' pad fer dat canoo o' yers. Paddle in style wit a Tilley too.


Don’t think you’ll need much minicell,
except possibly for knee pads on the sides. I assume you’ll be sitting, legs out and feet braced.

Next, yer got’ta git yerself…

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a pink Spandex paddlin' leeootard. Karen Knight looks so good in one while freestylpn' canoos, some folks might reckon' yer'll do too. (But ah' ain't one o' dem!)


ah’m thinking

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a plexiglass winder on the bottomsides, so you can see the fishies whilst yur upright, and the clouds while you're upside down.

Oh yeah, an a built in cooler...ah hears you owe FE some "hauling the vittles" time.

Don’t forget one of those sun tents on
support rods, so necessary for comfort.

Summersong by Gershwin: "Summertiiiiiimme, and the livin’ is eeasyy, fish are bitin’, and the cotton is high… "

Dag-nabbit! Dem thaar thangs…
look like bed pans ta me.


I like a shock cord
placed along the thwart in front of me. Holds hats, jackets, map cases, etc. off the floor but within quick reach. Drill holes near each end insert and tie knot on underneath.