Fitness trackers for single-blade paddling?

Hello, I’ve been using a Fitbit to track my exercise for a couple years and recently have been putting (single-blade) paddle trips in manually through the Fitbit app. Is there a fitness watch/tracker that works well with canoeing? I use the OnX hunt app for trip planning and tracking, but not sure anything coordinates with that well.

What’s on your wrist?

Apple Watch series 5 is on my wrist. It has a paddling workout. Also tracks heart rate.

There are also numerous apps for paddling which will track distance, but for that I use a Garmin Forerunner which reports speed, distance and maps my route.

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My fitbit logged steps when it was mowing grass.

…on a riding mower.

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Apple watch with the WorkOutDoors app. Mapping (downloadable so you don’t need your phone) and a dizzying array of statistics. Best of all, it has just a low-ish one-time fee.

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Throw that crap in the trash…

I think all those whose lives have been saved by their Apple Watch would disagree with you. Here’s just five of them: My Apple Watch saved my life: 5 people share their stories - CNET

My son works for Apple and got me an Apple watch, I don’t think I would have bought one for myself, but it is useful for tracking how much exercise I am getting, and I like being able to answer the phone while driving. The paddling apps for the apple watch suck, but I use the workout app that comes with the watch and use the rough water swim app, and it tracks distance, heart rate, maps the paddle - calories burned are wrong of course. Doesn’t do speed though, if I want to know that I use the cycling app. But I’m cheap and just use free apps. I use Dawn Patrol to track surfing rides sometimes, but I’m not a dedicated fitness app fanatic.

It’s useful for so many things. One of my favorites is telling my watch to open the camera on my phone so I don’t have to use a wet fingerprint to unlock it (which doesn’t work very well).